Chase Rice - Lambs & Lions (Worldwide Deluxe)

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Lambs & Lions (Worldwide Deluxe) Tracklist:


Can you guys please make “On Tonight UK version” a ringtone??!!

Tucson Apple

We are not gonna buy the deluxe edition extra songs after we have already purchased the regular edition months ago. Stop the madness people. Boycott all deluxe songs.


There is really nothing notable or really likable about this album.


Love Me Like You Don’t is easily one of my absolute favorite songs of his! I love how it stands out amongst these “trendy” “pop country” songs that are continuing to gain popularity in country music.


Chase Rice has done a very good job on this album with mixing in pure garbage and some surprising high quality music. Three Chords and the Truth is an undeniable great country song, Saved Me is also an awesome song, probably the best song on this album. Amen, is also really well done, it’s Chase at his best sound, like Jack Daniels and Jesus. On Tonight is a good mix of pop and country, good radio choice, and Eyes on You is more pop than country but still not horrible. I’m not gonna comment on the rest of the trash on this album, just skip them as fast as you can and listen to the 4 1/2 good songs. This new song Wexford St is so bad, he could’ve went Irish and made it a really creative song but just put out some of the same trash and name dropped Dublin, horrible miss here. Love Me Like You Don’t isn’t bad, listening to it after Wexford St makes it seem like a great song, but genuinely it’s a pretty good country song. Overall this album has some really high highs, but the trash he puts onto it makes it something you should stream but don’t waste your blue collar dollars on this. Love Chase if he can figure out how to make a good album again (listen to Friday Nights and Sunday Mornings if you wanna know the real Chase) He sincerely is one of the most talented men in country and I wish him the best but this isn’t it.


No song reaches out and grabs you. He has talent but needs to ramp it up a little.


So much more growth from previous albums. Nice to see the more real and honest side of him as an artist. Love the new acoustic Eyes on You.




Great album!




Great revision to the original which is awesome

Chicken Master Bryan

Keep it coming man 👍