Charley Crockett - Welcome to Hard Times

℗ 2020 Son of Davy marketed and distributed by Thirty Tigers

Welcome to Hard Times Tracklist:


Charley is a masterful songwriter. So smooth. There's a ton of beauty in the simplicity of his melodies and the way words just roll off his tongue. Not a bad cut on this album. Enjoy every last darn second. And I know we're ALL itching to get back to some live shows. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Need to see Charley's GET UP in person. Man has STYLE.


This reminds of some good ol country, really lovin this. 👍🏽 and from Texas ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bobby Big Hammer

Where has Charlie Crockett been hiding?This guy is good. We will be buying more of his albums for sure. Bob and Nancy Givan.Colorado.


I found him on an Instagram add while I was scrolling through memes. I clicked on his account because I was curious and boy was I surprised to find such a unique voice and style. It blew me away. I love Charley Crockett

The Thruth You Can't Handle

Well, I like the title track as kind of a fun goofy song, but can this guy actually not sing or is he just doing the dumb guy voice as a gag?


Doo doo

Kingston Advice

Move over, Fiona Apple. Step out of the way, Jason Isbell. Charley Crockett’s Hard Times is stuffed with lonesome rhymes. The man descended from Davey Crockett owns 2020. Real af. Country blues af. Punk af. Flat out brilliant. Country Crooner Dwight Yoakam and the legend Johnny Cash / Met “Mad Man from Macon” Otis Redding and the rapper, Grandmaster Flash / Natch’l Bluesman Taj Mahal and the man, Man in Black / Okie Hills Jimmy Lafave and Alvin, Davey, Blackjack (Country Chain) / It’s all in there. Sparse delivery. Just a spot of Elvis. Tremolo. Tupelo. Blues ‘n’ rock n roll. Death Valley. Mount Whitney in the distance. Geese flying south for the winter. Gamblin’. Sinnin’. Chasin’ saddle horses. Searchin’ in the dark. South Texas. Spaghetti Westerns. Vistas. The Alamo. Parting the Red Sea. Sometimes you gotta go where the river takes you ... enjoy the ride.


This is what real country is all about. It’s telling a story while making it sound good to the ear. Great job again Charley, you continue to put out quality music that is more refined each time!


He’s got a real country sound that’s like no one else currently

Sammy smells

I dig all his music.


He is the best country singer in a long time hands down my new favorite!!

J cole > whoever

Charley is a GOAT, Charley is a Gangster


Way to go man. Sounds nice.


Real country

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