Celtic Woman - A New Journey

℗ 2007 Celtic Woman Ltd.

A New Journey Tracklist:


This album also includes Hayley Westenra, a Kiwi, that has be describe by a number of reviewers and artists as one of the greatist vocalist of our time. This may be the only album of Celtic Woman that includes her as she was with them only for a realitively short period of time before going solo again, as her professional career began around the age of 9.


I don't care what anyone says. I love Celtic music, and the few Celtic songs they do sing, are beautifully sung. They're Irish Women hence the "Celtic Women." Celtic Thunder does the same thing, they're a group of Irish men singing other songs, with a few in Gaelic, their album "The Storm" though, that's almost all original music. I love Celtic Women and Celtic Thunder (the original Celtic Thunder group) they're amazing.


I saw this group on PBS on the night of its annual auction. it's not that the women don't have individual talent, but the way they've been packaged is incredibly insipid as they sway and jiggle all over the stage. And the musical arrangements are oh so cheesy. If you like traditional Celtic music, stay away from this group.


These songs are amazing and really deserve more recognition. This music may not be like the popular songs today but it is too beautiful to ignore!!


Such talent. These songs should be much more known considering how beautiful they are!


Beautiful Voices 5 Stars to Prayer and The Vocie