Sara Bareilles - Careful Confessions

℗ 2004 Sara Bareilles Music

Careful Confessions Tracklist:



This album is so good!!!!!!!! I really like City, Fairytale, Love on the Rocks, Undertow, and Red. The rest are really good, but those are my favorite. This is my favorite album by Sara Bareilles, because it is so good!

Sieg hartz

Heard gravity on show community episode 21 season 2 paradigms of human memory, 1 Shazam later here I am


When has Sara EVER recorded a song that didn't move you. Every note she sings is dipped in gold and I don't mean money: I mean right from a genuine heart. Period......(are you still reading to find the bad in her. My advice is to throw your crap somewhere else because it isn't here, ok?)


The electronic (?) snare drum overlay in ‘Gravity’ is HORRID. What where they thinking? Absolutely ruined the track. In ‘City’ she sounds like she has a bad cold.