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BE Tracklist:


Some very comfy and relaxed songs to listen. Especially love the title Life Goes On and Taehyung’s self-produced song Blue&Grey!


Loved the different styles of these songs. bts always bring different sounds to their discography love them for that. Lyrically, relatable and healing. Their lyrics and voices always bring so much comfort. THE BRIDGE FOR DIS-EASE WAS INSANE TOO STILL NOT OVER THAT


The biggest mystery of this generation is why do people listen to this garbage.


Perfect album


This album is truly amazing. The members worked really hard into making and shaping every little bit of this album and it all worked out in the end; they made a masterpiece! I’m so proud of their hard work and the love they always show to ARMY. This album deserves more than 5 stars!


BTS never disappointed us with their creativity and music talent! With a difficult time like this, the songs are comforting full of hope and yet energetic, it’s great:)


I think the main point of this album is warm and ease. I love this, and hope world wil get better soon. I wanna travel to places all around the world.


I love theAlbum

maeghan mackenzie

After weeks of anxiety and unrest, this has been a breath of fresh air for me. Thank you again, BTS 💜


BTS put their heart and soul into this album and you can really feel it. Every song is unique in its own way and completely enjoyable to listen to. If I could give 100+ stars I would.


I never choose favorites cause they always exceed my expectations with every comeback but this one is on my top 5 like I love it so much I cried


This album is very raw and introspective. I love it. As usual, BTS never disappoint. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


-I can actually feel the warmth through this album🥰

heaven ✨

Whether it be a old-school hip hop, an acoustic ballad, or an uplifting EDM, each song of the album has a special way of bringing you comfort & healing. This album came at such a perfect & much needed time: the pandemic. BTS are true artists, not creating music for clout, but with sincerty & genuinity for their listeners. Life Goes On espeically hit me the hardest. It touched my heart and eased my mind and worries. This album will definitely be in my memories for years to come. I'd have to say this was one of my favorite albums thus far. Worth the buy.


Honestly, they never disappoint that’s why Army’s love their music so much, because it’s just beautiful and relatable to many. Fighting Bangtan!!!💪🏼💜💜💜


Another album which makes me feel seen and heard thank you for always making me feel loved and being the friend that I can cry with 💜 Never change kings 💜borahae💜


You never disappoint. Thank you for your hard work. This is beautiful in every way. Borahae!!!


Everything about BE is just mind blowing. Some of their best songs in their discography. Everything is perfect down to the lyrics, production, layout, concepts... they really outdid theirselves with this album


Should have left this album in the drafts.




you can literally feel the love through the songs, so extremely comforting


i’ve been sapped of hope lately, and this album managed to pull together the last few scraps of positivity i had left. i am so utterly grateful to bts for cheering me up.


This album, “BE”, is the antidote to all that is wrong in the world right now and will greatly improve your immediate well being. There is a spiritual element of hope and acceptance and faith in that we will all BE ok. (Don’t fear, the beautiful lyrics are easily found on YT, Twitter etc)

Eylie The Wolf



Wow BTS! Simply an album of comfort that doesn’t over stay it’s welcome! You have developed and matured. Can’t wait to meet the 7 of you soon. I LOVE you & APPRECIATE you forever.


Each song has it’s own special sparkle. I absolutely love this album and it gets better with each listen from top to bottom. Thank you BTS for gifting us with this album, this was a big warm hug that I didn’t know I needed.


This album is immaculate none of them are skips not even the skit 🥰😋👏✨


Makes me feel so special and feels like they are all hugging me


All the songs are great as I expected.. Thank you BTS.


BTS never disappoints. I can feel all the comfort and emotions poured into this album. Thank you and love you BTS!


Wow you guys are so amazing no can beat BTS they are too good for anyone. It's like not fair for other people for how good they are. I also looked at the lyrics for life goes on and I almost started to cry because it just gave me so much hope. You guys are the light in my darkness, my lamp on my dark path, the ones who lead me and bring me up when I am sad. I am so thankful for you all and each one of you are so gifted in your own ways. GOD HAS TRUELY GIVEN US A BLESSING. BLESSINGS TO YOU BTS 😎


Genuinely speaking, this might be one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. This might be my favorite BTS album ever, and that’s a bold claim, since BTS consistently put out quality music. It’s an album in which they spent their time... their sweat and tears in... it’s an album that was formed during the pandemic to comfort their fans... this was the best gift ever. Such a cohesive album too. It’s an album where they put so much of their own input into it. It’s raw. It’s personal. It feels like a letter to their fans. And nothing else will make me more emotional than that. I can feel what they feel/what they want us to feel through it. It’s a love letter simply speaking. How do BTS constantly deliver?! This album feels like the warmest hug ever! The weird amount of 1 stars people probably didn’t even listen to the album or actually read the lyrics. It’s just a bunch of pressed people who hate that BTS is successful. I feel bad for you and your family that you are xenophobic and hateful, but BTS have made a phenomenal album, and if you listened to it, you would know. Keep hating, but at least you know them by name ;)


Absolutely love this whole album!


This album is an embodiment of this year. The first half perfectly sums up the uncertainty of everything in the springtime of this year but then ends with us smiling and dancing; despite it all. This album truly lives up to its first track as the takes us on musical journey reminding us that we aren’t alone and that life does indeed go on. The physical album was so thoughtfully curated and thank you notes to their fans are worth you finding the translation ...just wow. This group.




Perfect album to use for studying

QuEeN MaRIa 👑💜

If I would use one word to describe this album, it would be healing... thank you BTS <3


all members involved in producing this album! not just the tracks but also the music video, concept photo, etc so you can literally feel the soul that they pour in


If comfort was an album, it would be this one. Filled to the brim with beautiful, poetic lyricism and incredible music production. Truly unmatched artistry by BTS.


It’s everything. I love it. Buy it!


this is such a healing album

Jossy A

WOW!!! This song is Everything! This is probably my first time leaving a comment and I’m that impressed I had to tell the world how amazing this song is... Taehyung, God Bless you for this work of Art.


This album is amazing on so many levels. Lyrically BTS captures all the different emotions and thoughts that life in quarantine during the pandemic cause. The album moves so organically in the way it starts on a more melancholy and introspective note but progresses into a brighter tone and by the end of it...BTS will have filled you with such warmth, hope, and belief that life will indeed go on.


Love the whole album 💜


I love this album! Everything about is great! Life goes on is a great song. I purple you💜


i am in love w this album i have no words just stream lgo it’s a bop


Proud of you 💜💜 Much love


Listening makes me so happy! I loved all of the songs! Saranghae BTS!!


Such an intimate, heartfelt album. Let the healing begin...


Wow perfect!!🤩💜💜💜

Music Album of BTS:

Make It Right (feat. Lauv) [Acoustic Remix] - Single
Make It Right feat. Lauv [Acoustic Remix] - Single (2019)
Make It Right (feat. Lauv) [EDM Remix] - Single
Make It Right feat. Lauv [EDM Remix] - Single (2019)
Make It Right (feat. Lauv) - Single
Make It Right feat. Lauv - Single (2019)
Old Town Road (feat. RM of BTS) [Seoul Town Road Remix] - Single
Old Town Road feat. RM of BTS [Seoul Town Road Remix] - Single (2019)
Waste It On Me (feat. BTS) [W&W Remix] - Single
Waste It On Me feat. BTS [W&W Remix] - Single (2018)
Waste It On Me (feat. BTS) [Steve Aoki the Bold Tender Sneeze Remix] - Single
Waste It On Me feat. BTS [Steve Aoki the Bold Tender Sneeze Remix] - Single (2018)
Waste It On Me (feat. BTS) [Cheat Codes Remix] - Single
Waste It On Me feat. BTS [Cheat Codes Remix] - Single (2018)
Waste It On Me (feat. BTS) [Slushii Remix] - Single
Waste It On Me feat. BTS [Slushii Remix] - Single (2018)
MIC Drop (feat. Desiigner) [Steve Aoki Remix] - Single
MIC Drop feat. Desiigner [Steve Aoki Remix] - Single (2017)