Bruno Mars - Unorthodox Jukebox

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Unorthodox Jukebox Tracklist:


So lovely 😊 and nice




Bruno Mars is a great singer and I love all of his music.


Fantastic Album. Great vocals and beats. Bruno is the GOAT


This is no challenge music.

Dead victims

I cant even tell you how much I used to love these songs but things change you made me cry every time I hear your songs you were my dream husband now your on my list to be killed.... You used to be one of my favorite people but I became mean and I am one of those people you spray paint abandoned building or do bad things I became a human murderer but you Bruno mars made me kill people.... I will hunt you down... I am always watching you..... :(:(:(:(:(

Bob hoverbob

What it said⬆️⬆️⬆️

Kaepernick rocks

good songs. natalie and treasure are the best


I bought this song a while ago and after about the 2nd time of listening to it I couldn't stand it, now it drives me crazy

Jules Power!

Best singer ever


Great music and songs from an awesome talent!

Grier Bobo

This album is amazing saw this live and it's even better. I like how he has like a vintage vibe to most of his songs,it's something different. To say that this album is crude and what not shows how close minded people can be because as an artist you can write about anything leaving nothing off limits. Saying "you miss the old Bruno" when he's only had ONE other album out shows that your probably no older than 15. I for one love every song and see a slight story within the albums songs. The album is amazing and if you're hesitant listen to the songs before you buy them.


I love this album. It's so good!


LoL I an Ubsessed With Bruno He's inspiring i give 10,000 Stars to him

J bell girl

I love Bruno Mars so much! How ever I was a little disappointed.... I understand that he wanted To do these songs! And that He's older and more Mature but i really Don't like buying songs That are about sex. I miss the old Bruno Mars! I still love many of the songs On this album though!




4 WORDS. I LOVE THIS ALBUM. Bruno is amazing! I listen to it on repeat all the time!!! Only 2 albums and he is a superstar, and HE DESERVES IT. He is a genuine singer and writes hit after hit. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!!!


nah..I will pass on this


BEST ALBUM EVER!!!!!!!!!!! BUY😃😃

Egg baby is a great game!!!!

I love this album with all my heart and never have i have i ever had an album where i love all the songs. I just bought this album because at first i was hestitant and thought the sings would become old and boring to me but the songs dont get old at all and it gives you a wonderful feeling wach time you listen. I believe everyone should get this album. I think bruno mars is incredibly talented. My favorite songs on the album are when i was your man (the first one i learned by heart, and taught to my friends)if i knew( i dont know why but it just brings out these unknown emotions in me) natalie( i love the lyrics and feel of the song). I listen to this album everyday im a huge fan great work.


How can I tell if this is the edited version? I love this song, I realize it is iTunes fault, but it is still frustrating, because for my own reasons, I do not want the version with the... Creative wording at the beginning. Does anyone know how to tell if it is the version with or without that?


It's a must buy album! It's awesome! Besides, if you're not gonna buy Bruno Mars' album, what are you gonna buy? Justin Beiber album? That's a waste of money!


1.put your hand over your heart 2.say your crushes name ten times 3.repost this 5 times on different reviews and he'll ask you out tomarrow or say I love you Your album is awsome


Could be a great album, but the lyrics are terrible. It's all about sex ad not tastefully done at all.


I love Bruno Mars. I love this album so much. I bought it as soon as it came out!


Just to make it 667 reviews. Instead of one less. Lol


YAAAAAAAAASSSS BRUNO<3 treasure is my song :)

Danielle Andrea



So awesome album! Love him!

Nothing else to say.


Luv treasure


He continues to skyrocket!


It costs way to much money but it has very good songs


Bruno Mars can do it all! From Treasure to Marry You, from Just The Way You Are to When I Was Your Man, Bruno Mars is probably one of the most well rounded singer here.


I loved him since his first album runaway baby and I even went to an awesome concert


I loved bruno mars since he came out with billionare and i loved every other song of his after that. THIS ALBUM IS SO GOOD AND AWESOME! I could hear this album all day, all night no matter what! HE IS AN AMAZING ARTIST, HE'S FINE, AND FUNNY. HE HAS AN AMAZING VOICE! I LOVE BRUNO MARS SO MUCH! CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ALBUM! HOOLIGAN FOREVER!<3XD

Anna TX

Me and my husband just downloaded this album, we love the 1st one of his and same for this one the clean cut version for us were 52 and 61 but find he old school style so enjoyable. Keep up the great work Bruno!!!!!

Ella Nicolas

Bruno mars I will always Love you Forever and Your the best

Matt 358

I love it!!!!!


I am not dumb (when I was your man)


I love every song from this album😘👌💕 Bruno's voice tho🎤


And I thought Treasure was my favorite song!! I heard Gorilla on the VMAs and fell in love! FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG.


I 💞 Bruno ! He always manages to write some of the BEST songs and he certainly didn't disappoint on this album ! ☺😘

Rachel L bailey

Awesome songs especially treasure and locked out of heaven


He's an amazing artist. I love Locked out of Heaven,Natalie,Moonshine and When I was your man. I worked at his concert in Houston considering I couldn't be in the crowd but hopefully when he comes back I'll be there.


This guy has such amazing voice this is certainly a gift. Thank you for sharing that with us all. I love everything you sing this world has been waiting for you. Don't stop please

Brayden Donahue

Awesome song

Alexa's music

I think Bruno mars could not of done any better and he really let himself out in this album personally I liked treasure


I absolutely love Bruno mars and love all of his songs !!!!!! I listen to them all the time. My favorites and the ones I recommend are. Treasure and when I was your man!!! I love them


This is Awsome I love all his songs!!!