Lewis Capaldi - Breach - EP

A Vertigo Berlin release; ℗ 2018 Universal Music GmbH

Breach - EP Tracklist:


Loved how much love comes through the words!! So sweet💙


Someone you loved is really good. Be sure to check out grace though.

Musicboy oi

I love his voice and the instruments 😄


It’s to whiny and he yells too much 😫

Epic cooler

You guys are mean


This is actually good don’t blame them some people just don’t have taste


You would go great with NF


Wanted to like this song as it sounded like the artist tried to make it meaningful, but just came out sounding bad and like he ruptured his voice every three seconds. Don’t listen👎🏻


What is the meaning of your song? What is it about. I like I’m just wondering what it’s about?

Bored Onlooker

One of his songs was on an add for a music singing app and it was nice. “Someone you loved” is a really nice instrumental with emo-rock-pop sorta vocals that honestly is really good. The rest is the missing 3 stars I just couldn’t give because despite the one hit the rest are noise and little more, not good.


This is one of the most annoying songs ever. Just screaming and whining and it’s definitely in my top 3 station changing songs next to anything by Lizzo...


I can listen to this all day long🎹🎼🤩

DJ I-Train

This song is on the radio way too much. It’s almost like they pay to have it played. It’s just way too slow to ever get into.

~golfer girl

This song is so amazing I like cry when this song plays on the radio. But I keep listening to it bc every time I do it makes more and more sense. And of course like he has one of the best voices right now.

Nelly chopper

I love this song

ur local insomniac

this doesn’t really feel genuine like i think they were going for. i think capaldi was going for the sad, lana del rey-esque sound but couldn’t pull it off. it sounds generic and annoying.


It’s so sad 😞 but amazing


Absolutely beautiful song! I cried when I first heard it. I have let my guard down so many times, I have had the rug pulled out from under me every time I loved someone. Nothing hurt my broken heart though as when I lost the ONLY one who gave me unconditional love & truly loved me without wanting anything back; that was my 14 year old Rosey Mae, my Australian Shepherd. If only human beings could live like that. I will always love you Rosey. -12/20/19


I love this song so beautiful


He got an amazing voice


This guy has a powerful voice. Really good songs. Should head for a harder edge in my opinion but I will look forward to more...


❤️ this song ! The lyrics are 🙌🏼


Is an awesome song! I bought it for my Gâcha Life vids and is perfect!


Whiney music 🤢🤮


At first I was like, “Ugh slow song, skip.” Gosh was I wrong. One of my favorite songs of 2019, and Lewis Capaldi has only gotten better with “Before You Go”. Most of the one stars have been people complaining about the genre. Classic. The reason they put him in alternative is because he sings kind of screamy, for lack of a better word. Why do people even care though? It’s the quality of the song that counts, not the ill-defined genre that iTunes puts it in you narrow-minded apes!


Very good, and please buy them. Yes there is some screaming, but it’s okay. “Someone You Loved” is my favorite, but all of them are great. 5 stars


This is literally just a bunch of scream whining.

Elijah K. aka minidog

If you aren’t a fan of yelling or him in general, stop writing reviews. Silly Billy’s :PPPPPPP

Margie quest

Great song, Good Luck to you Lewis I think your Awesome!

Puppy puse

I just broke up with my bf and he was my best friend and this is just perfect watching tick toks and listening to somebody you loved.




This is alternative so stay mad f boys


I’ve had a hard day this made me realize I needed to get over my self


Obnoxious song...

Ally mai gran

This song dosnt mean much to some people so they hate but give it a chance this song has so much emotion and true things that happen in life it is butiful




I’m so glad tik tok introduced me to this song now I love it 😁


Sounds like a forgettable dime-a-dozen X-factor throwaway who’s trying too hard. Absolutely abysmal.


Great song, great vocals, great emotion, great everything dammit

Sb sassy BåBÿGįRl

This guy here has raw talent in a voice that is unique. My Favorite song out right now. I feel this song to the heart of my soul.

Piet Money

And i oop

adds 😍😍😇

I love that song


Stop categorizing pop as alternative. This is definitely pop and belongs in that category.


This guy has to be tone deaf. Stop screaming

Flightmare Master

Ok so this is only my opinion but... alternative to me was just always something different something uncommon or something new.... But we as human beings always seem to focus on genre, this is an ep that means something. To me and to other people. Overall it’s an amazing ep but I understand that some people will only focus on genre, but this so beautiful but I won’t judge those who believe it’s not. After all I’m only one girls opinion.




I dig the raw emotion, but I agree not alternative I do not think it’s pop either. I appreciate Tough & someone to love! Gives me the feels.


Perfectly bland pop song that many people will like. Can't help but wonder why it's in the "alternative" category. Does "alternative" mean anything at all in 2019? Feels like the genre has been weaponized by the music industry to sneak in their big time pop prospects in hope that people finding it here will be all like "Oh wow, I discovered this on my own!" Anyhow, there's nothing "wrong" with the song, I expect it's going to have an audience and I look forward to hearing to many times while at the dentist's office as it gets rotated through a top 40 station.




I love this song so much because it expresses his emotions and it makes me feel what he feels and what I’ve been through in just one song. This song is my favorite ever since I first heard it great job Lewis.