Sara Bareilles - Brave Enough: Live at the Variety Playhouse

℗ 2013 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Brave Enough: Live at the Variety Playhouse Tracklist:


Such an amazing person, singer, and performer!

birdz walrus

She’s absolutely fantastic live. So raw and so talented

Otown David

Sara B. + Piano + Fun Audience = Hella Fun

tito forno

Goodbye Yellow is the best cover ever!!!! congrats…… never hear something like that


I've been in the music business since I was 17 I am now 55. The first time I heard her I knew I wanted the album however, I was disappointed where she placed the first song but I'll get over that and everybody is right, goodbye yellow brick road is a masterpiece.

Butterfly Savvy 1112

I love this artist. She is the only one who sings from her heart. AMAZAZING!!!


I've been following Sara since her first album. The journey she has forged with her musicality has been incredible to witness. This live album manages to capture her incredible voice, musicianship, and her quirky personality. This album is making me cry, laugh, and utterly enjoy every moment, as if I were at the concert itself. MUST BUY.


Sara has a voice like an angel. Incredible album. Should have won a Grammy this year.

doesnt work EVER

This album leaves me breathless and always make me feel less stressed and happier if I'm having an off day. Thank you Sara for being an amazing talent!


There's no part of Sara Bareilles I wouldn't eat. With a spoon and a fork. She's incredible.

Mike in Kansas

Sara Bareilles is absolutely amazing. I find her live albums to be the most amazing of all. I normally don't like "live" albums but both of the ones that Sara has done are even better than her regular music. The sound and acoustics on this album are simply the best I have ever heard. I can only imagine the show she puts on.


This collection simply captures the unique rapport Sara has with her audience. Quintessential entertainer. She's now on my must see live bucket list.


Sara's best album to-date. It's so awesome to hear her alone with just a guitar, piano, or harmonium. Such a treasure for her fans and newcomers alike!!! Such a talent!


One of the few artists who can put on the perfect show by herself. No words…. But the LA fans were better :)


What you hear on any of albums is the real thing! Her voice is amazing…best live singer hands down.


She's amazing. Great voice and great music. I love how she's acts like any other human being and makes mistakes too and doesn't care. U rock, sara!!!

Rodney S W

Sara B! You're a raw talent, extremely funny, gorgeous, lyrically ingenious, and without waiver, a true representation of exactly what Pop Music means to me. You've saved me and for that I am forever grateful.


Why does iTunes tell me that I have already purchased Manhattan and Brave off of this but I have not clicked on this album until now? I am really confused. I listened to the samples though so far and she sounds amazing as always. I have seen her twice and she never fails to impress.


nuf said...just wish she would come to Dallas again

Hect0or 101997

What i love about her is that i can't help but smile when I listen to her amazing voice! Truly wonderful! I love her with her sailor mouth and all! :3 amazzzzzzziiiiiiiinnnng


I was so moved by I Just Want You that I couldn't get past it for a while. Then Once Upon Another Time had me in tears. And yes, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road too. I have seen Sara Bareilles in concert four times now and I keep plotting a trip to see her again because as good as she is on her records, she is ten times the artist live. What a great performer. Her voice is pretty much perfect. Buy this. See her live.


Sara Bareilles Strong

Lori Mae

Great performance, perfect compilation, typical breathtaking SB!


What's not to love about her,she's great


Sara B. Is amazing, love her!


I saw Sara and One Republic last month and I quickly realized she's one of the best performers I've ever seen. The way she interacts with her fans made me fall in love her even more! But besides that, she is INCREDIBLY talented. Her rendtion of Gooodbye Yellow Brick Road brought me to tears. I came home and immediately tried to find her cover on iTunes and didn't find it. Stumbled across this live album today and died of happiness! IT'S TOO GOOD. YOU MUST BUY IT.

I want to be Sara B friend

Sara is by far one the most amazing singers and one of the very few artist that sound the same in concert as they do on the radio. So for her to release and album of a live show makes my heart happy and I'm so proud of her!


Is anything she does wrong?


finally some good fk*n music again….


Great Album. Very meaningful and worth every penny. Definite buy!


Fantastic album but we we were better at the clapping in at the Park Westin Chicago on May 2nd. It had to be said.


Ms. Bareilles has swept me off my feet!!


Sara is flawless. If you've never seen her perform live (no orchestra, no auto-tune), you have yet to experience true raw talent of the rarest form. Her voice will penetrate your soul. Amazing is all I can say.


Sara Bareilles puts on absolutely unparalleled live shows, and her live albums are the best in the business. This one is certainly no different. If anything it's better.


Sara Bareilles is arguably the greatest songwriter of her generation. With this live album, she proves she's also one of the greatest vocalists alive as well.


Worth every penny! She is amazing live. I've already seen her twice this year and can't get enough. So glad she made a live album!


Ever since I watched live at the fillmore I just couldn't wait for the next live concert and I though it would come with Kaleidoscope Heart but even if I was wrong this concert is worth every penny, Sara Bareilles is such a TALENTED artist that it's ridiculous, how many new artist can outperform their studio recordings? Very very few and Ms. Bareilles does it with EVERY song in here, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road will leave you speechless and will definitely send chills down your spine. You'll laugh, cry, laugh some more and will be in for a world of emotions with Sara's music, such an adorable and talented musician. What are you doing reading this anyway? Go and buy it!


If this woman ever stops singing, all of the angels will cry. All of them.


Sara does not disappoint. Goodbye yellow brick road, are you kidding me?!?! Love, love, love!!!

KIRU ("On My Own")

Sara is the only artist I will probably ever write an itunes review about... Her live solo performance is just as awesome as (if not better than) the studio records! I will definitely use elements of her format in my solo performances.

shannon kobus

I just saw this concert live and she was amazing! Probably the best concert I have seen to date. Sara live = perfection!!


I just recently heard Sara live, and said, "She needs to make a live album, like now!" Well bam, here it is. This album is bound to be incredible.


Incredible talent. Cannot wait to hear this record. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is jaw dropping. But why does iTunes say I already own the live cut of Brave on this record? That's impossible.


I was at this concert on the front row. It was the most heartbreakingly beautiful show I have ever been to. If you've never heard Sara Bareilles live, YOU NEED THIS ALBUM. She is absolutely flawless.


If she sings it, its gotta be good!