Blake Shelton - Fully Loaded: God's Country

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Fully Loaded: God's Country Tracklist:


My favorite songs are in this they are nobody but you and hell right and gods country


Love all their music! I would love to hear more duet songs with Gwen. Nobody but you is my fav!


Bye bye Alabama music

White Dragon3

Jesus has a tight grip on my soul? Then antichristian “ Hell right?” Repent-Rest-Be quiet-Trust God to show you your errors Blake. Friday nights stay home and open your Bible up.



growing up mccartney

I wish he would go live a quiet life in solitude! So he would not bother those who enjoy good music! Please retire and pull you music from all digital, radio, and video platforms! The world would be a better place for all mankind! Your sincerity, All living creatures


This song was so amazing. When my mother told me that you came out with a new song I had to listen to it, and when I did I totally loved it. I think the duet with you and Gwen was amazing. I can’t wait to hear more songs just like it.


This has to be one of his best woks.


Song brought tears my eyes. A very romantic song; and, I love it!!

a person who likes metal music

This guy’s twitter history, enough said. I know, 1st Amendment, but the amendment only protects you from the cops, not the everyday Americans who don’t agree with you!

lukebryan✅@lukebryan .online

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God's Country is the best song of the year. You should have received a Grammy. Not fair. It seems you can't get your due and what you really deserve. Your duet with Gwen shows your closeness and love for each other. Great song and super, well done. Keep it up you are far from done in this business. You are a superstar!

Tate Kirby

I think that you've still got it Black Shelton!!!!😃👌🏼👍🏼


Great songs and awesome voice of Blake Shelton. Country &/or Pop...Blake can sing is ALL!


It doesn’t sound bad at all, but this is not that great. Sounds kinda cliche and generic.


The Grammy performance was so good😭👌🏼


Love these songs!!!!

holly berri

This is a great album! Couldn’t be happier for Blake! So glad he found love with Gwen. Love their song together!


Work on loosing weight


Just stop. Your music has gone down the drain.


Even though she was always mainstream, this is just awful.


AMAZING! Nobody But You with Gwen Stefani is the best song ever! ALL THE HATERS are cracking me up! You can’t bring him down with the nasty Gwen comments! Probably all Miranda Lambert fans because They are a NASTY GROUP!



Terri Ames

Great love song that will never go out of style...beautiful.

Erica R711

Great album. Love it!

Shear Mike

Purchased and it says it’s not available in my area. North Dakota. Gods actual country and your wanna be country ain’t available here? Already got my money. Crooks. Give me what I paid for crooks.



Rim a

This is my FAVORITE Blake Shelton Song to date!! The lyrics are so warm and loving, their love is so touching it grabs you. Anyone who rated this song badly is a sour Miranda fan. Move on. Let people be. Celebrate this beautiful song. Hope everyone can find this kind of love and feel this way!

Revolve her

So many good songs on this album. God’s Country is an anthem and tons of other favorites.


Did great once more 👍


Good songs but Bryan’s better


I love Gods Country, and my son always says buy the album. But I say I don’t always like all the songs on the album. So I’m sampling the songs to see if I like? And OH YEAH, Blake!!! I Love this album!!! I love 99.9% of the songs on this album!!! SOLD!!!! THE ALBUM IT IS!!! By Sheryl with an S


Mediocre song


Why put out an album when you already released half on an earlier album. Yikes!


This is a repeat sprinkled with a couple new songs. The repeats were never good. He continues to think Gwen is going produce a good song. Their voices do not blend. Overall 👎


He is an amazing singer and love all of his hands

IG- kayleigh1116

Please make it a ringtone!!

happy blue monkey7

Sounds like a bad Creed album !


This was great. I loved the songs and his voice is so great


Aside from “Every time..” and “”Came Here..” this album is awful. Stop the pretend romance with Gwen and focus on good music. The world did not need anything like Sheila Tequila — did your label listen to that BS before it was released. 🤮


The song is really good, but didn't hear enough of Gwen. Granted, she isn't use to singing Country, but she has a beautiful voice, and she can learn to sing Country. Just needed to hear Gwen more in the song, as heard plenty of Blake! Love his voice as well.


I love this album so much! Blake is the best


Love this song. I’ve listened to it so many times already I know all the words haha ❤️ Also loving Gods Country & Hell Right!


All these cry babies complaining about Blake & Gwen, lol. They sound great together, they seem happy and Blake’s music isn’t anywhere near pop. Keep churning them out!


I love any music Blake puts out. He’s had over 20 number 1 hits. I think he is GREAT!!! Keep on doing it cowboy!!


Nuff said


I’ve really been hoping that Blake and Gwen would do a duet love song, and Nobody But You is absolute perfection! So good!


I loved this album!


Imagine listening to Blake.... AND Gwen? 🤮🤮🤮


What a great song by two wonderful artists!

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