Billy Idol - Greatest Hits

This Compilation ℗ 2001 Capitol Records Inc.

Greatest Hits Tracklist:


I know you don’t get a lot like me but Im a 12yr old who likes 80’s and even 60s music. Billy idol is one of my top favorite singers ever. Rebel yell is one of my favorites followed by Eyes without a face. I can just hear myself singing ‘ I’m on a bus on a psychedelic, reading murder books tryin’ to stay hip’. With Steven Stevens guitar and his such recognizable voice at a great timing there is no way you can not like this punk dude. I know most people relax by putting calm music on and breathing, but I put billy on full volume and walk. Truly an idol for anyone! 🎤


Where is the album Whiplash Smile?????

Trust and Us


dreams and nightmares

Love Billy mucho! He’s like no other! He’s one of the greatest! Love all his songs and style is his own!

texas chainsaw addict

Absolutely amazing I love billy idol he rocks


OK it’s Billy Idol. However you cant have a greatest hits album when you’re doing covers of other famous artists work. It should be comprised of his own original music.


Eyes without a face has never been topped

crazy for billy idol

I’m in love with billy idol I love his music I’m billy idol’s number one fan I listen to his music 24/7 he really is my idol his music really speaks to me and it calms me down he really is sooo awesome and I love him ☠️🖤☠️🖤☠️🖤☠️🖤☠️🖤☠️🖤☠️🖤

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Like billy idol just don’t like the song mony mony


Billy idol one of the best artists of the 80s and all time!


Eyes without a face is a brilliant song. Love playing it back to back and dancing to it.


He's even hotter than ever! Sexy senior! :)


What more can I ask for? 16 sublime songs that amount to about an hour and a half of listening! Billy Idol is my personal favorite rock star in all the freaking world! He manages to combine raw emotion with great music, a rare feat.His drummer is one of the best in the business. I use this playlist as both my workout and my casual listening playlist, it combines hard emotion for workouts with a pleasurable listening experience for casual. I wish I could hear these songs for the first time again. Six stars.


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This song just ROCKS, the only song I hate to put 2nd is Eyes Without a Face, They both tie for my BEST


Love his music and Billy Idol has that special voice when you hear it you know it's him. Money well spent.


I was about to download some Billy idols tunes for the road trip to my 30 year(yikes) college reunion and am so glad there's a greatest hits album and glad I grew up with this music! Brings back great memories!


I'm a really big fan of Billy Idol, especially his greatest hits album. White Wedding, Eyes without a Face, Dancing with Myself, and Sweet Sixteen are his best songs! Billy Idol has a very good raspy singing voice, and his 80's rock, too. This is a return of a classic for sure. Great music, it like never gets old!


Wow awesome! Wish I was alive when these songs came out!


And to my 15-year-old daughter no less. With a rebel yell, she'll want more of these songs.


Its Billy Freakin Idol - do I need to say more!?!?