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This is a young madeup Hollywood teen that doesn't sing. She whispers to different vibey instrumental sounds that you hear at the bottom of the ocean floor in submarine.




I think she has a good voice and I’ve really tried to give the music a chance but almost every song just sounds like a symphony of depression. They’re all so low and dreary sounding... Maybe that’s my age talkin, I’m 31. But this music. I just can’t.

Rorie D Lion '(oo)'

Billie’s music is different and progressive, individually her own style. She marches to the beat of her own drum which is outstanding considering all the lemmings out there in the entertainment business currently doing repeat offenders. Each song differs from the previous song which opens the door to new possibilities and new themes to follow. Given that her age is in her late teens, she is doing phenomenal. * People leaving 1 star reviews to be jerks, mentioning the word “hype” repeatedly, need not apply. Leaving reviews to bash other people because they feel belittled by someone who is “making it” need to step back and look in the mirror. Quit being jealous. She’s rocking it 🤘.


I usually love her music but the songs kind of sound the same. But I do love the buzzing background and her quiet voice it goes good together. The songs are a little dark as well...😒 but hey they sound good. 😆


It was great because of the music but it was funny because in xanny I heard a voice says “ can you check the Uber eats”


I love the personality in this girl!!! Love her hair all the time!! 💚 KEEP IT UP!!!!

deaf moon

Absolute trash. This is the result of no talent 'wannabee' entertainers using technology to create subpar sounds. And it's not Ms. Ellish alone, it's the people around her that are directing the poor mixed-up kid into this. My advice to her, is to go study the piano and develop an undersatnding of music and then create your own direction.

Arisa Grande

Thank u next is better


Beautiful album


I got introduced to this phenomenon on a Peleton ride by instructor @fitxKendall WOW is all i can say. I’m over 50 and didn’t even know about Billie and Finneas but I’m blown away. It’s great music to ride to, and my eyes were definitely opened to this talented, complicated artist!




this music. this album. everything about this just speaks to me. the artwork even resonates with me. i feel so clouded sometimes with a lot of personal things, but even world issues. every song is different and beautiful in its own way. this is just the best album and my favorite out of the entire music industry. thank you billie. listen before i go, i love you, goodbye.


To me this is more performance art than music. Nothing I’d listen to for long. I haven’t heard the Janes Bond song yet. I hope it’s different from the rest of her stuff.


Whispering strange, random words into a mic does not count as music

Mr Mushrum

It’s just not really for me


When I first heard this album I liked it but I didn’t like it THAT much. I was wondering what the hype was about Billie and I decided to listen. I can totally say that this album has grown on me and I’m definitely going to buy it. As soon as I realized what an incredible album it was, I decided to listen to her live performances. Absolutely incredible. Her voice gave me goosebumps, and she sounds just like the studio version. I can’t believe she’s only 18 years old. Up until this point I’ve only stanned one person and that’s Harry Styles, but I think that’s about to change. Harry will always be my favorite, but Billie is absolutely mind blowing as well. love u Billie❤️❤️


Its to weird and depressing


Billie is a great singer and there’s no doubt in that. This album had the potential to be so much better if she wasn’t whispering all the time. I love Xanny but the extreme bass ruins it for me. There are like 3 songs that I rate as a 9 or 10. The rest are a 6 or below. Don’t smile at me was perfect because her songs were her singing. The lyrics off of WWAFAWDWG were so good but bad execution.


What is this, hallucinations of the drug addict or sound of mentally undeveloped individual? This so-called music will be forgotten in one year maybe two at the most, same as all this type of trash. Just look at the "artist," does this kid has a promising future? Oh my goodness, where is our world is going? This garbage doesn't deserved any stars...


No talent


Why’s this girl look and sound like she crawled up from Ground Zero?

Love u billie

I don't give a f*ck. i really want to meet billie eillish and. in my dream my dad took me to see one of her shows and and i FREAKED OUT when i saw (ps. i went to see !!!!)so yea i already know I'm never gonna meet billie eillish


Billie genuinely knows how to emotionally connect with her audience through her lyrics and instrumentals. I applaud her for being such a young artists whose soul purpose is to create music that younger viewers can not only understand, but relate to on a much deeper, personal level.

idk everyone

bad music


I honestly love her song “ my strange addiction” and her newest song “ everything I wanted”. I love her so much! Y’all need to know she works hard to make such beautiful music. It helps me find my place and really find myself💙

Princess Anya

Trash music rather listen Chris Brown so what young 18 year old won awards can’t stand listening trash music finish high school go to college 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤬


A wonderful album written from within, this album joins the few where I can listen from beginning to end and enjoy every moment of every song!! Love Billie Eilish!! 💚💚


She deserved it good job on the Grammys


Overrated the house!

Taylor swift fan41

Ok, I’ll admit the songs are good. But it does have an overused tone and has no meaning. Is the song ok? Yes. Would I listen to it on repeat? No.


What is up with this put you to sleep tunes????? So unmotivating......cry a river??!!! Should be retitled: When we all fall asleep after Billie sings! Snooze

Anna Rose B

I regret buying this album before listening to all of her songs. After knowing just one of her songs and with all the hype surrounding the album, I though I could just buy it, I was wrong. I only like 3 songs and even those are not that “special” if I heated billie on the radio I wouldn’t actually skip, but I do retreat spending money on her.


Why? Just why? I don’t get it but to each his own, I guess. 🤷🏽‍♂️


Just putting it out there, this is billies FIRST ALBUM, Don’t Smile At Me was an EP, the reason everyone hypes her up is because her lyrics are relatable, the slower songs hit everyone in their feels when you listen close enough, it’s not just “whispering” it’s called singing with your head voice. Just because she doesn’t belt doesn’t mean she’s untalented. Anyone who hears her live can clearly hear she’s talented, this album is incredible

Sol ny

I can’t for the life of me understand the interest in this untalented “artist”. Her money makes her a song writer? The entire whisper vibe and fake image the media portrays of her on various fake story documentary’s shows us how foolish this new young generation is! How easily they buy into her fake underdog to fame story. I pray people smarten up and start listening to real artists and music that isn’t just radio catchy. How many people can you fool with a fake imagine persona? Smh


Can’t believe people see this as music. It all has the same repetitious mumbling sound. Maybe you people should listen to some Glenn Miller music or for that matter Amy Winehouse to know what REAL music sounds like.

AWZIE flores

Best artist ever listened to and I love her so much more than I love myself


I don’t understand how this is music. Not for me. Sounds terrible.


She better hide that confused face when a real artist hits the stage at the OSCARS. EMINEM is the BEST


People actually listen to this, boring. You might like if you want to be put to sleep.


I've tried several times to listen to this. to give it a shot, feeling I'm just missing something. And I guess i am missing something for sure, because I sure don't see what all the fuss is about. She can barely sing, prefers to mumble and whisper, and the music sounds like the demo tracks found on keyboards. I pity the state of current music, and this is its crowning achievement, all smoke, mirrors and hype and no substance.

Felix Snow

This music is a bastardization of that of the great Tori Amos. You want Billie Eilish with 100x the talent, check out Tori. Having said that, I like this more than 99% of the crap that passes for music today.


All she does is whisper and you need to listen to Lana Del Rey💋

Jack Dywer

I love you so much Billie

Driving vibes

This is a great album to listen to while driving.


There's no other artist with the delicate haunting voice like Billie's. She and Finneas have created music that is deep and creative for being so young. Love the lyrics and they way she is unapologetically herself in both her look, music and personality. I wish her and Finneas a long and successful career. Bought the album and love it.

nicole garcja

Some of you guys don’t get it her music it’s not sad music if you pay attention to all her songs you would get every single lyrics and meaning behind it she has a angel voice 💜 and I love it

poop doctor!

I love billie so much 🥺 she’s my everything, can people stop saying she’s bad just because she won Grammys?