Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts

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Queen B is back. This song shares a message of hope. If your aren't felling it I don't know how. The video is perfectly made. This is one of my favorites of her in the past 5 years😍

pumpkin go getum

This is so stupid. She's singing about how hard it is to be pretty, and yet she's completely perfect. She's such a phony.


The message in this song is very inspirational. Also the whole album is amazing!! But my favorite would have to be this song :)


The message is so inspiring i watch this video everyday it shows how beauty models and stuff struggles for being pretty...


The preview looked amazing. Can someone please lemme know any other place I can watch this video thanks

Connor Dalzin

The messige of the song is great for everyone to hear and the video as well convays the messige perfectly. "It the soul that need the sergery" is one the best best lyrics out there.


This is inspiring.


"It's the soul that needs surgery" should be changed to, "Beyonce, your soul needs surgery"


anyone who knows me knows that im not a huge beyonce fan. but i took the time to listen to her new album, while it didnt bring me on the beyonce fan wagon this song/video did allow me to give her due respect. this is one of the most beautiful songs/videos out there. the message is perfect !


This is one of her best videos and it carries an great powerful message. This is definitely one of my favorite songs/videos from her album and also out of all her songs and videos. ❤


Queen B is a genius


This is absolutely one her most powerful, important videos. The narrative of the video illustrates the song's message and themes so well. I personally think this is not only one of her best videos, but definitely one of her best songs too as you can hear the emotion in her voice pour out through every phrase. Just beautiful, well done. I wish more people would focus on this side of Beyonce, the Bey that has something to say and not just the Bey that's fierce and sexy. That Bey is fun and really awesome too, but I think that this Bey is on to something, like another level of pop music where the message counts.

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