Beyoncé - ***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)

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Im not even surprised it was her


So inspiring

Ju Mono

even worse song! Haunted is the best one the rest are terrible


Bey I know you went a little too far with this album but by far favorite song (other than blue of course).

Connor Dalzin

The song is amazing. I love the feminist speech in the middle. This video and bangin. I love how it is black and white and the meaning of the song is great. I love everything about it.


The song itself is okay but it just doesn't fit the album.The album carries more of a dub step heavy bass line fell. And did anyone notice that pentagram in the backwall

Harry styles @ <3

Beyoncé is AMAZING in this video! I love how fierce and serious she is while also keeping it sexy. She is an inspiration to all women, I mean she just had a baby and she's already back?! Just AMAZING!


Not because of the video itself, but because I purchased the entire album off of iTunes, and evertime I select this video for play it is the only one that gives me the alert "This video cannot play on this computer." I'm upset, all the other videos play but this one, someone please help.


Yasssss Beyoncé did that !!


BeyHive is here for the King. She has returned!!!


If you haven't bought, Buy it! it's pretty amazing.


This video is one of her more confrontational, intimidating ones. So awesome to see Bey break out and convey how she really feels about where society has placed her, a true feminist. I support this video and the themes of it 100%. Anyone who says this video is about anything other than pure feminism just doesn't understand it at all. She is truly an artistic genius in the music industry.


Love this! As far as Illuminati, who cares what Beyonce's religious beliefs are. Further who can claim to be a victim of Illuminati??? Maybe we should regress 6 or 7 centuries and begin persecuting people who don't take part in mainstream religion. Beyonce consistently produces great music with staying power, and gives us videos for songs that may never be singles. I'm beyond happy with Beyonce's artistry, and could care less about the Illuminati conspiracies.


The video has to do with the illuminati. It's obvious


Beyoncé keeps it sexy and gritty in this video. I love the feminist spoken word in the middle, and the slow mo. Beyonslay!

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