Beyoncé - Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z)

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Never have, and never will understand why this culture idolizes Beyoncè. If you do, chances are you only do because everyone else does...if you really pay attention to her lyrics, behavior, and image, it's nothing worth praising. As a mixed young woman, I'm not empowered by her at all. All she writes about is this: you have to act sexual, egoistic, and rich in order to be successful. Nothing that's gonna make people genuinely better, so why then do we say she's empowering? All I'm saying is that you don't have to be obsessed with Beyoncè just because everyone else is. As a generation, we can pick better role models for young girls. Rise above the normal. Just a thought^






I love Beyoncé and this song but the video is very boring. I mean the only thing Beyoncé does in this video is walk on a beach with Jay-Z!!


Was she drunk when she wrote this and who every buys this must be totally wasted. Its horrible. What is up with the crap she is putting out now. Where these the left overs from the previous albums?


It's not Their Best Collab But It Proves That as Long as They are Together They'll Make Interesting Music To a Fault! Though now it seems like that may not be for long.

Precious Jones

Yasssssss bey


After a while it gets annoying but overall great song!

Scooby Green

Thank You Lord!!!!


by DebEye - Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!! You two be all night drunk in love! The best couple out there!

Jubilee Jingles

Talent beyond comprehension!

sandra Robinson

Awesome Couple I Love Them!!!!!!

OG Kevlar

Beyoncé is a baphomet from hell, who is a tramp who is a piss poor example to call an artist!!!


what the hell was she thinking, so sad, she has more talent then that. don’t waist your time buying this video, thought she could pull it of,


I don't know why anyone thinks this is such a great song. The lyrics are juvenile and raunchy lacking artistic expression. We love the video cuz Bey is half naked. Song would do just as well if it were any other rapper collaborating. In my opinion, it may have been better with another rapper- Jay's lyric didn't seem to show much love drunk or not. His lyric was straight up objectifying. While there are some interesting components to the track as a whole, he over sexed lyrics makes me think that Bey is trying to hard.

Connor Dalzin

One of my favorite songs and videos on the album. It is good to see a more simple video compaired to all the complicated of ones on the album. She looks stunning and her and JAY Z really look like thier are drunk and in love.

Lola Eulgy Barbie Girl

I Love Song So Much it is the James That Why I Love And She Had a petty Baby

Young Money Acadamy

One of my artists Beyoncé which is the best and I love everything about her and I'm happy to work with her and Jay-Z Yma Chantel Spears CEO




I'm elated to see this side of Beyonce and happy to see her enjoying the company of her husband. Liked it (by Facebook standards)! I like the song, the lyrics (Jay-Z provides a boost), and other songs on the album. Don't allow yourself to have a closed view of how you see Beyonce. She's versatile and agile. I guess it's all part of the business side of things. Embrace!

Mickey 😘💓💓💓

The song is awful and the only reason people like her is cuz she's sexual!!!!!!!!!! She's over rated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love the song, but expected more from the video. I got tired of watching it.



Christian Willis

Bey and Jay...the best!!!


It don't get any better,World class!!


I like everything about this music video. It reminds me of a modern version of Wicked Games video.


yass werk queen

El Nene Malo1369

This Video is Hot. 💂💂💂


She really love this man. I love to see black love.

She Slay Again

I love every song on here especially drunk in love its my favorite.


Queen B and Jay Z really did there thing on the whole album. If you don't like it then why take your time out to listen to it. ~I'm just saying~


Beyoncé is so obsessed with herself 😒

Dat girl ms cruddy

Drunk in love


So Fierce!


Awesome Video ...Queen B Is The 💩💩💩!!!


and boring


SLAYONCÉ is perfection. Jay Z is perfection. They are just perfect and so is this video. SERFBORT. #beyhive

Little Lisa Hartford,CT

A MUST download she outdid herself this time!! <3


Hottest couple.


King is destroying everything she touches! This video is hot! I love it!


Dont like it. just overall terrible.


Queen Bey once proved again she is the best performer of our generation. BRAVO JE VOUS AIME !

Smurfy Floridian

Love It! The best yet!


King B knows she did that!! I’ve been drinking I’ve been drinking!

15 secs?

So fierce!


The queen

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