Beyoncé - Beyoncé (Deluxe)

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Beyoncé (Deluxe) Tracklist:


Trust and Us


hey its girl

It was great and amazing


This is a excellent song I can listen to this song every day


I love her and I have loved her since destinys Child I LOVE ghost great job B


6 years later and Beyoncé still on people’s necks , changed the game when this digital dropped, do you know where u was when that digital dropped cuz it stopped the world chillleeeee— this album is the standard , helps u embrace ur imperfections and let’s you know you are flawless



Queen Lexy😜

These are some really great song I recommend it to anyone and everyone



Cool Taylor pop

Beyoncé did so good on this album like she did with lemonade . I believe Beyoncé does a good job on her latest albums . She is such a hard worker ! Love her


I mean it’s Beyoncé. Whats not to love?




Love the new songs!


Never have, and never will understand why this culture idolizes Beyoncè. If you do, chances are you only do because everyone else does...if you really pay attention to her lyrics, behavior, and image, it's nothing worth praising. As a mixed young woman, I'm not empowered by her at all. All she writes about is this: you have to act sexual, egoistic, and rich in order to be successful. Nothing that's gonna make people genuinely better, so why then do we say she's empowering? All I'm saying is that you don't have to be obsessed with Beyoncè just because everyone else is. As a generation, we can pick better role models for young girls. Rise above the normal. Just a thought^

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And much more than the mainstream pop message of “girls, alcohol and partying.” She went above and beyond with this album and it’s beautiful. Thank you, Queen B.


Terribly pathetic !!!!!💩💩💩

Prince Of Egypt



One of the best albums of all time


Beyoncé outdid herself this go around.


This album is about being sexy and getting men. Really? Beyoncé, u r the Queen bee of music! Well not for long..... Somebody is going to take ur spot if u keep doing this to urself


Pure power in this album. Her sound has matured and yet she still has the unique magic that makes her queen. Love it.


I love Beyoncé and it was sick how she dropped this album out of nowhere, but a lot of these songs are surrounded by sexual things. Songs Like " Pretty Hurts", " Blue ", and others were great songs but the rest is different than what we all expected. I'm not disappointed and I'm not excited. I'm kind of on the fence with this album. Queen Bee still slays and will always slay though!


The same thrown together, computer generated, autotuned crap that every other pop/hip hop "star" has put out over the past 10 years. It's no wonder Beck's album won a Grammy over this.


I don't know who this person is, but her music is horrible!!! I don't understand how anyone could like this. The Grammys sure did get it right Beck has always been an amazing artist.


Beyoncé totally slayed though out the whole album. There is not one song that is bad all of them are amazing. IF YOU ARE CONTEMPLATING BUYING IT, ITS WORTH IT TRUST ME SHE SLAYS. Queen B for life #noregrets💖

aria adee





Sorry i love your other albums and i love the song "Pretty Hurts" but the rest of it is just garbage. i'm really dissapointed. "7/11" just makes no sense and i don't even get "Drunk In Love" sorry but go grind on that wood somewhere else


Buy it and you'll know exactly how I feel every time I listen to it!

BOBs a loser

Beyonce is honestly not even near as talented as she is construed to be. Every single cover I've heard of "Drunk in Love" (namely Ed Sheeran's and The Weeknd's) has been way better than the original. Beyonce is straight up irritating to listen to in that song, and completely destroys the flow of the song by unnecessarily drawing out notes that do not sound good in the slightest. Buy an album produced by someone with actual musical talent, not someone that sells music off sex appeal.


I love her music! And her song "pretty hurts" really tells a story. I'm 16 and I listen to her music 24/7 to get away from the world and to feel better about myself❤️ also when I've had a bad day I just listen to her music and this track and just escape👌 Beyoncé is my everything... She's my roll model, my queen, and my religion 😎

Mikey Fiorini

Your the most amazing person and I think this album really expresses you and your my biggest inspiration 😘😘😍😍

Kail M.

love it!

Jenny Shine

Hard to keep a straight face! No class.

Romeo Cartier

This album Beyonce dropped unannounced self titled - “ Beyonce “ is amazing. Perfection is literally a disease as she stated, it doesn't make no GOD Damm sense that she created such a masterpiece, and the people didn’t know she had a secret project in the works. !!!! In her album she expresses a side that we knew she had but didn’t expect her to say verbally or show the world visually. This album needs to be rated x1000 stars literally. The entire concept is FLAWLESS !


If you're looking for the typical overplayed pop music that is simple and catchy this album is not for you. This album is lyrically and rhythmically mature and expresses another side of Beyoncé that has never been seen or heard. Beyoncé truly is an amazing and inspiring artist and this album truly is the definition of ART.


😘💕😎🔫💆💅💄👜👗👠 Yonce is just 📢


Are these people being serious? This album was by far Beyoncè's most vulnerable work. Queen Bey reigned with this one. Forget what haters say.


Why people hating on Beyoncé,this is a great album. We all know it isn't here usual style but, this is an amazing album.


This is not the beyonce i know i miss the old classy girl :(

Mr Gho

Not a big Beyonce fan but i bought the whole album because she was daring to do something different then her contemporaries. I finally listened to the whole album & I love it. Good job, it jut shows you when you put a good product out you will be recognized for it.


Beyonce is queen but this album is blowing my mind I am 12 and I love it

#1 monster

There are some innapropriate songs, but the songs that arent are quite beautiful.


Beyoncé is better than you and will forever be Queen. Booty game strong 💁


Pretty hurts is a very inspirational song and some songs she could have done way better but overall this is a great album


Music to hear


i love this album and i belive that beyonce really exspressed how she felt she was loving then she was felling sexy in some points and she seemed like she had a lot of fun with this album awesome job beyonce love it

Julian app player

Go ahead and read the ignorant reviews of "Fans". Beyoncé created this secret album while she was on her WORLD TOUR. She was extremely busy and had her mind on other things, yet she still decided to record a new album. Not only is it an album, but she recorded 17 amazing videos. Yeah, it's focused on mature viewers, that doesn't mean it's worse than her other albums simply because it's not focused on less-mature fans. IMO... This is a great album she created based on the circumstances in which she did.


BEYONCE SLAYS UR FAVES ALL DAY EVERY DAY To the review part: Beyonce is becoming more mature. Songs like Pretty Hurts have an amazing, but Sia (who slays also) wrote it. Partition is my jam. Standout tracks are: Partition (definitely), Pretty Hurts, Blue, and XO.


U R the best simple and plain..

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