Sara Bareilles - Between the Lines: Sara Bareilles Live at The Fillmore

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Between the Lines: Sara Bareilles Live at The Fillmore Tracklist:


Awesome voice great music.

Isaac lumbreras

I love sittin' on the dock of the bay!👍👍👍


I am surprised how little reviews there are for this album. I actually don't like her other albums and think she should only do live stuff. She is amazing on this album; makes me wish I could have been at this concert in real life every time I listen to it. Someone else commented on the synergy she has with the audience and they are absolutely right. One of my fab albums of all time.

Logan Sherrill

She has like the most beautiful voice I have ever heard!


I love this song I'm using for my solo for my dance competition!!!


you see if a person can sing as good as sara live and in the studio you know that she's good Im addicted and I <3 SARA i even just got my hair styled like hers.


This album is better than Little Voice or Kaleidoscope Heart because it proves how much better she is live than she is in the studio. If only she showed off this much in her other albums.

Ravi Ponamgi

I yelled that out to her at The Warfield last month! I saw her in Dallas before that, where I actually met Daniel Rhine having lunch with his folks, and I spoke to Javier about his own amazing set. SARA: you literally rule my musical world. When you sing and hold and stretch prolonged vowels, as in Love on the Rocks, City, Love Song, and Many the Miles, I get goosebumps and chills from head to toe, still, after having watched the Fillmore Blu-Ray almost daily since FEBRUARY. Wow. Take your time, and get inspired again before letting those execs rush you, and sing some Christmas Carols, please! LOVE YOU, you're THE BEST!


Talent is fickle.....Talent is rare. The inability to do without the tricks that a studio can provide, coupled with a mediocre grasp of the art of public performance, usually leads to live albums that fall short of studio endeavours. This one, in my opinion, far exceeds the studio recording. There is an synergy built between Sara and the audience that leads to a great performance. There is a feeling that one gets watching a true artist performing, a run-away train type of anticipation to see what is coming next. Sara's vocal talent, coupled with the quality of the work in the first place, makes this a must-have for any fan, either of Sara, or of live performance. If you need a sample, all you need to do is download her cover of Dock of the Bay. It's all I needed. Enjoy.

Fionna Faulk

...Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay...


Sara Bareilles has talents far beyond Love Song. I have been a fan of her work since 2007. I love how she brings feeling into her music. I love that I can feel everything that she sings. I love that she doesn't sound like a cat being murdered without a studio like some of the artists out there. I would recommend this album to anyone. She is nothing less than amazing.

Music speakss <3

This song definitely shows off her voice to its full extent. The notes and the time are wonderful and deserve the applause! :)


Sara is amazing and always does great!!! She is very unique and talented and unlike many other singers, sounds BETTER live!!! I love this album and would recommend it to anyone.

Luna L.

Sara Barellies is a great singer-thats oblivous! She adds strenght, power and emotion into her songs. She really keeps listeners listening. Sara has a great varity of songs there has got to be at LEAST ONE that you like. Some songs that I like are: Love Song, Bottle it up, Come Round Soon, Fariytale and Vegas.


i was at the concert. so awesome. listening to this brings back memories.


I've been a Jason Mraz fan since I saw him live a Java Joe's in San Diego. I stumbled upon this concert on TV and fell in love with her sound! Super creative and fun to listen to! If you love Jason Mraz, give this new artist a try. She is much more than her pop single! Also, Sara Bareilles fans give Jason a try if you haven't already. Be love!


I love her music but iam disapointed that everything is live I'm one of those people that hate live albums I can't stand hearing people screaming in the backround when i'm trying to get into a song but hey that's just me

JC Ric

Like Kid Cudi in Hip-Hop, Sara Bareilles is the most talented and freshest artist in her genre! This album makes you just crave more Sara!


You think "Little Voice" is good?! Give this one a will blow your mind. There's just no other way to say it...


Sara's songs are full of life and really fun to listen to. You can tell she really thinks about what she is going to sing about, which not everyone does. I love hearing her live, because it really shows what a talented singer she is and what a great voice she has without the studio's little tricks. I think that everyone should listen to all of her songs, not just Love Song.


everyone in pops 2009 did great on friday...especially when aubry did vegas and maddy did sittin on the dock of the bay! great job guys!


I think she has an amazing voice for as young as she looks. I think "Love Song" is quite a bit different from the rest of her music though so maybe that's why her other works are not as popular. I still think all her songs are awesome though. :)


My sister hates Sara live, but I love her!! It's so awesome when someone who actually can sing makes an live album (makes any album for that matter). And I like how her songs aren't the same live as the studio. I haven't actually bought this album, because I already bought Little Voice, but for anyone who doesn't have her other albums, I totally reccomend this album. NikKi.


I LOVE SARA BAREILLES!!! All of the songs an this album are amazing, I couldn't have asked for more. (:


hearing her live shows soooo much more emotion!!! but her recorded stuff is amazing too! my personal favorites are bottle it up and love song (winter song by sara bareilles and ingrid michaelson is great also)

singer 2

Im a singer just like Sara and my voice is just as great. but im also just 13. soo know one thinks im serious when i say i love my voice. oh well

Julia knows music

Sara Bareilles is a good singer.....My Fav is Love Song and bottle it up....Her face looks REALLY DIFFERENT on this new album than her old looks worse and like a monkey...


i like the not-live version of love song, but none of this is really my kind of music.


When I first listened to Sara Bareilles, I only liked Love Song - and even that, only a little bit. Since then, I've downloaded her entire album and have seen her in concert. Both are amazing. The album is simply superb - her voice is clear, strong, and moving. The harmonies and melodies are incredible and I am astonished at the musicality in this girl. In concert, she was excellent, both in working the crowd and sounding like an actual singer. One could easily tell she isn't just another one of those computerized pop singers. She is a real person. I would listen to anything by Sara Bareilles and I recommend her to anyone.


The title says it all...


Sara is an amazing singer and she REALLY has talent. She sounds the same live as on her CD. The song "Fairytale" and "Sittin' On" are two of my favorite songs. SARA BAREILLES ROCKS!


Sara Bareilles is perfection when you see her live, and her performance translates great into this one of a kind CD. This is a must own for any fan of her, or anyone wondering what she is about. Her songs are fantastic, her voice is pure and her music is amazing.


sara sounds great live! she isnt one of those ppl who cant really sing and her producers spend 4ever editing. i reccomend this 2every1.


Sara Bareilles is a gifted musician. Her music is consistently performed with love, soul, passion, and grace. She is fantastic. This album just shows how good she is, even live. More power to her!!!!!


Oh My God!!!! i was there!! its was amazing!!!! i loved it!!! she was absolutely oustanding!!!! she was even wearing a halloween costume -she was a bumble bee for was on october 30th not the 28th though...great job sara!!!


I was at that concert! So amazing! The best concert I have ever been to!


Sara has the ability to capture the heartbreaks and enchantment of life better than any artist I have known in my adult life... While I was studying abroad I found her album, and it became the soundtrack of the most amazing and dreadful moments of my life thus far. Listening to this album is like reading pages from my (and most women I know...) diary, and nothing is more amazing than finding someone at your own heart. Seriously, dish out your dough for someone worth your money.


this was such a night to remember. this cd just makes it all the better. Getting to remember this night is so amazing. She is by far one of the best live singers today. She should be way more famous but i guess i like going to a smaller venue cause i get to be closer to her. btw i met SB!


sara bareilles is extremely talented, and i've never heard someone do this well in a live concert. my fave song by her is (of course) love song, but i also luv bottle it up, sitting on the dock of bay, and vegas... and more! i wish i could have been in the front row, cheering along and singing.


Sara is one of the few artists today that sounds great live. I adore the live version of Fairytale. This was the version I originally heard, before Little Voice was released. I think the one on Little Voice is a bit over-produced, but this one is lovely. Love on the Rocks is also fantastic. This is a must for Sara fans!

Casey Heckmen



usually i think that live music doesn't sound as good as the album but i HAD to change my mind after hearing this, although i REALLY liked john mayers Free Falling Sara was amazing and i'm glad i know about her music She and Kt tunstall should do some songs together


It is very rare that you find an artist that sounds better live, as opposed to being filtered in some studio. But Ms. Bareillies is one of the few who can pull it off.... Very very talented I have become a fan of her soulful melodic style....


Sara's songs are so touching, and you can tell that she sings them from the heart. Her song "Love Song" was such a hit before. If you've heard that song and loved it, you should check out "Fairytale" and "Bottle it Up". Both of those songs show just how great of an artist Sara is. If you agree with me, click yes.


sara bareilles is amazingg!! she is a fabulous singer and a fantstic piano player. i wish i was that good! her songs are so easy just to turn on and listen to. [:


She's not really a bad singer, but the lyrics are so annoying its.... really hard to put into words.


Would have been much more enjoyable to listen to in higher resolution.


Sara's best songs are on this cd!!!!! She is an awesome singer!!!!! And is like me because we both go with the flow!!!! Peaced out, BYE, CHOW FOR NOW!!!!!!! :)


Her cd is beyond amazing!! Buy buy buy amazing

k run

I would disagree that if you don't like Sara Bareilles that you probably "have never had your heartbroken." I'm not going to sit here and complain about being heartbroken, but I've been there before, a few times. I used to listen to Sara, but I got bored. I've also seen her live and was even more bored. Her opening acts were more interesting and much funnier.