Better Oblivion Community Center, Phoebe Bridgers & Conor Oberst - Better Oblivion Community Center

℗ 2019 Dead Oceans

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We can only hope that Phoebe and Conor keep making more music together, because this is an absolutely stunning debut. Their voices complement each other on so many tracks in this album, and they are supported by interesting musical arrangements and memorable lyrics: "all this freedom is freaking me out" ... "chasing love like an ambulance" ... "I'm getting greedy with this private hell". "Dylan Thomas" is probably the most musically mature song on this record, and given that the pair noted that this was the last of the album songs to come together, I can't wait for what's next! Play it end to end and about the only regret you'll have is that 37 minutes isn't enough. So so good!

Tax master Bre

Once again Conor Oberst comes out with a new and thoughtful sound that adds another layer to his catalogue. No matter what stage of life I’m in there’s an album or song of his that fits perfectly and now there’s 10 more songs in the mix. I love how different each album is and this one didn’t disappoint.


Terrible.....just terrible


It's like Father John Misty and Sheryl Crow had musical wunderkind twins. Enjoy!


Amazing album, I have been a Conor Oberst fan for almost a decade and had no idea this was happening until I saw them play on Colbert. They sound fantastic together and I couldn’t buy this fast enough. He reached an amazing peak with the mystic valley band and this is even better. In love with his solo career obviously but when he finds equal talent to play with it’s always undeniably gorgeous. Hope they are planning for a second album together!


Love love love

Desert music man

Guess it shouldn't be. There was always a connection there so makes sense that they would do a project together. But this surpasses any expectation. Their voices sound so great together and they bring out the best in each other. Hope there's a followup and tour.


I have a feeling Phoebe would fail to make a burp sound less than pretty.


Love it. Love them. Amen


Can’t wait to see the band live


I don’t have the money to buy their music yet but I love everything Conor has released and I went to a Phoebe concert because I knew she was going to be his pre-show at a concert and wanted to hear her music beforehand. Her pure voice made me cry and I couldn’t even hear the lyrics clearly. These two are sure to produce something spectacular and I am beyond excited to hear what they’ve created!

Janine Riddle

Stephen Colbert Show brought me here....gonna buy the album-I like the vibe of this group!


Just saw them on Colbert and couldn’t buy this fast enough. Wow.

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