Kari Jobe - Bethlehem

โ„— 2007 Throneroom Publishing

Bethlehem Tracklist:


I'm just finding out about this album 9 years after it came out..and as usual her soothing voice resonates in every song. God uses her unique voice to soothe. And heal. Being a extremely hard & painful Christmas in my life & family, I have not been able to bring myself to listen to Christmas songs. Then I hear this. God again uses her to bring peace in a painful time using her music. This is truly God working through her. I highly recommend this Christmas album, she makes each song so beautiful.

Brianna obrien

You are Such a good singer I went to move camp and I am in love with your music I just can't get enough of it you make me feel so spiritual ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


I really like this album from Kari Jobe. I have her year-round albums and often listen to those, but this is a nice one too - It's Christmas music, but good for any time of the year (music about Jesus is always appropriate, not just during December).


I absolutely love Christmas music, but hearing Kari's angelic voice sing it makes it sound 10 times better! Listening to the songs and absorbing the real meaning of Christmas just gives me chills up my spine. I will DEFINITELY be buying her other albums! (:

0987384 Kollippop

Love this soundtrack it makes me happy immediately!


Love Kari's angelic voice, and the beautiful version of O Come O Come Emmanuel---


Kari jobe is by far my favorite singer in the world. I really enjoy hearing her sing. God has gifted her with an amazing gift of singing. I really enjoy singing myself. Remeber God gifts the wealthy the poor and the normal everyday people. Use your gift to honor God in everything you do and he will reward you with the greatest gift of all!!! Jpsullivan

Anna Marie S.

Leave it to Kari to transform some Christmas favorites into pure worship, while also having some fun. What better gift to our Lord than to come to him with a sacrifice of praise, and then revel in the season. I've been hungry for more music by Kari, I'm so glad to have this CD.

nino lozano

I love Kari Jobe!! God has blessed her with such a great talent! I recommend this ALBUM 100%. Just bought it not too long ago and I love it! Enjoy!

Zac from Grapevine

This is the perfect CD to listen to around the house or next to a crackling fire! Kari's voice just puts you in the Christmas spirit!