Lewis Capaldi - Before You Go (Piano Version)

A Vertigo Berlin release; ℗ 2019 Universal Music GmbH

Before You Go (Piano Version) - Single Tracklist:


I like his songs so much. When I heard it so many times on the radio I was like oh I have to buy it so I can listen to it whenever because his song is so inspirational . I will listen to it on end . I can relate to this song and this is the music I can listen to!! Such an amazing and inspiration song . Thank you so much for this song!!


Love love LOVE this version! And the other version. But this one sounds so much more desperate. He’s incredible!

Sam Jonah

They picked the worst spot for the preview. “was there something I coulda said” is so obviously autotuned I’m surprised no ones called it out


Great song! Even better album I can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for him

Lil ak24k



lewis capaldi is the best lad the world has ever known. not only is he the funniest person to ever exist, but he is also one of the best artists of this era. his music is filled with beautifully crafted lyrics and touching melodies. ‘Before you go’ is no exception and is an absolutely brilliant song with a touching message that resonates with all. so, go out and get his whole album so you know what all about what i’m talkin about. thank u lewis for your amazing music and funny instagram stories that make me die laughing on a daily basis, u deserve the world lad <3.


He sings with such emotion! He’s very talented




Must have this song it’s so amazing 😍




Holy crap this is insane! I was like, “Oh cool another Before You Go.” No no no, this is like a whole new song. It’s crazy how good this sounds even though I’ve already listened to the original a lot. It feels more sorrowful and mourning, but the pace is fast enough for you to get into it instead of dragging. I hope I love the next hundred listens as much as I loved the first one!


How come this is so great. I’m in absolute love with his music. Emotional minimalist rawness. Adored ❤️