Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber - bad guy

℗ 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

bad guy - Single Tracklist:


Justin really you stupid, leave my favorite songs alone, you ruined it. And the way you say it sort of contradicts the whole “bad guy” theme. Like you could EVER be a bad guy. HA


It was okay and all but I like the original one with just Billie. Justin made it okay :(


My dude, Bieber freakin’ wrecked this masterpiece.


I’m the bad guy duh

kamari austin ka

Bad and good at same time but I don’t know


All I’m saying is I know you do all hate it but I love it and I’m being true to myself and thats what matters and you can’t just blame some person you know all singers stumble on a song right now but it’s the way I see the song I just see the song as a great song for my flesh and blood ;-; sorry if what I said was kinda cringey but okay 😅


This is my new favorite song


It’s not the best song in history but it’s defiantly not bad. Stop it with the hate on JB and just listen to the original if you hate Justin so much. SMH


there would be an official "bad guy" remixes ep

hfnrnf c

Not a good song at all! Billie is the worst singer ever and so disrespectful with her bad cussing language! She’s to young and immature!!

Confused 0071

Although a lot of people don't like this collab, I did. They are different... And fun!


WHY JUSTIN? His voice doesent mix. These stars are 4 Billie. 💨




She put a song for y’all people you’re so Full full disrespectful appointment freaking..!!!!!!!

Jonas Brother Lover

Don’t eat me wrong I love you! But, Justin Bieber was not really good because his voice is higher than the chorus. Sorry Justin beiber


But not bad guy with justin bieber. Ew. justin is okay but NOT IN THIS


Even tho I love Billie, I had heard bad guy on the radio soooo many times it made me sick but Justin changed it up even though he could’ve done better. So I applaud 👏🏻


Colabing is fine but this song with Bieber isnt

A/c Gasser

If this song was voted best song of the year, what’s it saying about all other current music? Horrible!


leave billie alone. obviously if you see in the back of the album pic justin was her teen idol so if y’all can close your mouthes and appreciate that she makes music and cares about her fans which is a a+ for me that would be nice. period


Billie is the new queen, thank you for letting us listen. So glad you were able to team up with Justin on this, love the original, love this one!


Justin is to bad. Now he is just trying to be a rapper. It is to cringe.


I'm not a huge Justin Bieber fan and never was. Don't get me wrong, good singer just not my type. But I was pleasently surprised with this one. I loved it! Justin Bieber did a great a job on this one and stands as a great song! Great job you two!

Demi lynn


Jack Shupe

Horribly with Justin, original was better


I love Billie so much


im sorry but this is a jam! yeah its different, but you gotta recognize that its some good stuff!

🦄🦄 magic candy

Could Billie get anymore great.

Katie Harness

U r rockin it Billie and Justin


I like “Bad Guy,” but when Justin Bieber came in to sing a part of the song, he literally “popified,” the song, but what mean is he threw off the beat of the song when at the end of the lyrics he was supposed to sing he did one of those classic ends to a pop song nowadays 🤮 Honestly, you’re better than this Billie! I mean, I’m not hating on JB, but you could of found a better song on your album to collab with JB, rather than picking your most popular song on the album! It’s just that the what upsets me is how JB sung the lyrics! So hopefully, in the future, you and JB could find a better song to collab on!


ok for 1: JB was not great for this song it turned out not great 👎🏻2: Billie did a great job on the original I just don’t see why she had to do this. Although congrats to her collaborating with her idol! 👏🏻 This is not great but hey, she accomplished doing she wanted to do. Ok ok I know I have this four ⭐️ but, it’s because, billie’s part In this was very good. Justin was not a very good fit but, you would be very proud if you got to collaborate with your idol wouldn’t you? Let’s all calm down and congratulate Billie on this piece. Don’t blame Billie. #Justnotjustin #Blamenotbillie


I’m a huge JB fan, love him! This song had me listen to Billie and appreciate her music. It’s a fun version. Great job!


It’s not bad at all

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You’ve never EVER done better than this. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳good job!


their voices dont go good together


Person: How much auto tune do you want? Billie: What’s that? No thanks JB: YES! I need a lot


So Justin Has made some good and catchy songs but Hes voice fits more of a enthusiastic song. Bad guy is a deep song So the original is better!


Title says it all.. love the two collaborating.. this track is bomb n chill

Brooklynn P 2012

It’s pretty good but is that Billie Eilish or Justin Bieber on the front with the dress?! Edit: the hand is blurry on the front of the album




jb makes this song worse than it already was


It’s really not that bad but I do have to admit her solo version is a lot better. JUSTINS VOICE IS TOO HAPPY!


Bruh my brother whenever this song comes on the radio he sings he likes the skrrrrrrt part I think he’s becoming a VsCo boy like what the heck


Billie was so good and then Justin had to ruin it. He is tryin to be a bad boy but he is just being cringy. No.

kayla turns sometimes

Billie Eilish was obsessed with Justin for years. I think this collab is cute and they both probably loved it. Happy for them.

lol love-Emily

I feel like Justin's voice is kind of a refresher in the song because Billie has a low sort of dark singing voice. Don't get me wrong, I love Billie's original but I definitely liked this one.


I like this song :) I know a lot of people did not like it, but I think it is a cool song.


Like baby baby baby ohhh,like baby baby baby nooo,like baby baby baby ohhh, I’m rating this a 1.5, oh-oh I admit that it wasn’t bad, but Billie, your voice doesn’t go exactly with Justin’s. I don’t want to sound like a hater...and I get it. He was your childhood idol. But that doesn’t mean it will sound good. Oh, and it’s flo from progressive csmit2


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