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I love these guys so much!!!!!!!! My room is decorated basted off of Shinedown!

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Their last 2 albums were definitely their best from start to finish. Shinedown just keeps getting better and better. Lyrically they have an awesome message.


This albums lyrics hit the heart man. MONSTERS absolutely grabbed me into this album and so many more you just absolutely can have fun and vibe with! The absolute drop in BLACK SOUL is amazing. This album is so dope and there’s not one song I don’t absolutely love. LOVE YAH SHINEDOWN!


All bands evole. If you like rock that has something to say, you'll like this. Stop wishing bands put out the same music they 20 years ago. It doesn't happen. Or at least it shouldn't.


Wow, always love their music....this album is amazing!!!!


It’s a great band in all but there’s lot of hate on this album and I LUV it and people like rap but I stay with rock :)


The music makes us buy the album Let’s go crypto


I just came to download one song, and fell in love with the album! I am truly impressed ♥️


They brought the heat with this album longtime shinedown fan and was not let down 🔥


They’re so inspirational!!!! They’re music has helped me through tough times. And yes they have changed their style, that’s just a way to reach different people in different ways. The world NEEDS SHINEDOWN!!!! Keep going guys, you are loved♥️

The fishermans wife

From all the albums out out they have an evolving sound. I loved it from the beginning and I love it now. They didn’t sell out. No group puts out the same stuff endlessly. The Grateful Dead evolved and so did these guys. An amazing sound. Love, love love it! Thanks!


Shinedown at its best! 🤘🏼


With all the reviews of them being dead and Imagine Dragons 2.0, for me I was skeptical but if you think that’s the case then your either living under a rock or your not giving the songs a chance. I’ve listened to this album several times and the first time thru I thought not bad. It was a little different which I am glad but the second time I found myself liking every song. Now each time I listen it’s better and better. I’m hooked and love every album Shinedown has released. I have found thru the years that the greatest music and albums may not appeal to me at first. This album and band is very good. I hope they keep on keeping on and keep releasing solid rock.


Sounds like pop instead of rock :-(


Having been a Shinedown fan since they first hit the scene in the early 2000’s, I really hadn’t listened to their last two albums. I’d heard short samples of “Attention Attention” and kinda though “meh, it’s okay.” Well, I attended their headline show supporting the album a few nights ago and wow. I was blown away by the performance but also the message of this album. It is a concept album. A concept of reaching out and inspiring people. It’s not just an ordinary album with good songs. Needless to say, “Attention Attention” has ascended to one of my all time favorite albums, and Shinedown as one of the world’s finest musical artists. I’m blessed to be successful and have a good life but I was emotionally touched. If you have the patience to just listen to this album, without distraction, and embrace the message it is truly special. Well done boys, well done.




I see alot of people don’t like this album but isn’t a little change good seeing what shinedown can actually do as a band yes i would want this album to be heavier but we just have to see what there next album is


Absolutely loved (mostly) everything about this album. The heavier songs are awesome, and I find the idea of it being a concept album so intriguing. Love the way it moves from darker topics to being about staying positive and overcoming trials. However, this does feature slightly obnoxious electronic noises and some songs felt more like it would fit better in a musical than on a rock album (Kill Your Conscience, Darkside). Don’t really want you guys trending towards the electro-pop sounds like nearly everyone is nowadays. Other than that, amazing work! Huge improvement from your last album.

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Some songs I felt like were overplayed but overall the album is really good imo


I am a huge Shinedown fan and this album is perfect there’s not a song that I skip.


Great album. Different sound but not a bad different in the slightest. You can still feel Shinedown’s past work come through as influence while adding some fresh sound in there. Very happy with how this turned out.


I love this band! Great music Shinedown puts on a great show.


With "Threat to Survival," I didn't really like the direction Shinedown was taking. But after hearing this album, WOW!!! I can't stop listening to "Monsters," "Creatures," "Devil," and especially "Brilliant". I'm also having trouble getting these songs out of my head. XD Best Shinedown album by far, better than "Amaryllis", even. Keep up the awesome work Shinedown!


Ok so being a long time shinedown fan I was so disappointed one I heard this album. It’s the same feeling I had when threat for survival came out. Cut the cord single got me happy and excited that they were gonna rock the hell outta it. Though it has a couple of songs I like it was shockingly disappointing. So now this cd comes out heard devil online when it was released. Was not impressed at all with it and not a good song for a single but I waited anyways for the cd to release and I bought it the first day like I have done before. Came home listened to it and was completely disgusted in what I heard. Although just like threat for survival it has a couple of songs I like. Shinedown said we made this for the fans, well the true shinedown fans not the band wagon fans we as the real fans say you can have this back we want a real album. Threat for survival I didn’t care for but it’s the setter of the two by a long shot... get back to basics and make us happy again!


Shinedown was just trying something new, I don't see why people are so angry with it. If the band wants to give a different style a try then we, as the fans, should support them

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Now Shinedown is amazing. However I’ve noticed great songs like “I’m Not Alright” “State of My Head” “THE HUMAN RADIO” “How Did You Love” and others have been bogged down due to the amount of edited vocals, or needless synths. I know Shinedown has worked very hard and I love them but if they could return to songs like “Lady So Devine” “Save Me” “Heroes” “Fly From The Inside” and many others that have no synths and a lot less editing would definitely be amazing. And when I listened to Threat To Survival, I was marginally disappointed a lot a little bit, it was definitely more basic radio rock. (Cut the cord is still amazing though) then they come out with DEVIL. And I was very confident that they would go back to heavy stuff, then THE HUMAN RADIO came out, then I was even more excited because they’re 2 pretty different songs and I was excited that the album was going to vary between slower or heavy. Then it came put and I was mind blown a little bit and pretty much immediately bought the whole thing. This is a great album and people who say Shinedown is dead, this album has DEVIL, BLACK SOUL, PYRO, EVOLVE, partially MONSTERS and THE HUMAN RADIO, and BRILLIANT, are all decently heavy songs and the rest may not be as heavy but are still fantastic. All in all this album is great for any old or new Shinedown fan so stop hating on Shinedown because they’re really really kind of neat.


I love Amaryllis and Sound of Madness, but Attention Attention hits me more on an emotional/spiritual level. I find myself wanting to go on the full album journey instead of skip to my favorites. It's so layered that it gives me a 100% different experience than the other two albums and I love that.


I have always been a fan of Shinedown, but this has to be their best work!


Just as good as the other 5 albums.


The other albums I love but only one song was good and that was monster


These guys used to be great. I liked Us and them, not every song but a few of them I liked and the others I would have no issues listening to. Same thing with Leave a whisper. IMO Sound of madness is their best album. I also really liked amaryllis as well. I think it was just overshadowed a bit because of it being the next album after SOM. But when threat of survival came out I could easily feel a difference. I did like 1-2 songs but the rest was kinda bland and I was hoping that with this new album they’d do a reboot and try to get back to the days of Sound of madness. Instead I feel this albums even worse than TOS. The only song I actually like on here is devil. Besides that I wouldn’t listen to the rest of the album again. Once was enough. I’ve met these guys multiple times and they are all great guys. But I feel they’ve just lost sight of what they are and are trying to be something there not.


I am so sorry for the bad and wrong comments.People sometimes don’t get true rock n roll. I am a fan of all of your albums.Keep up the good work, and ignore the bad and wrong comments from Gabbie is awesome. Although her name is wrong. It should be Gabbie is not awesome. -Ivy Miller AKA your favorite nephew!Love you Uncle Brent.

Having been a fan since 2003, I have seen different line ups in the band and music, one thing remained the same... Heart! This band has a huge heart for their fans and their support in the industry. Attention is a great blend of modern technology and straight up rock and roll. The emotion is raw and the band is awesome. I have seen them on the most recent tour and they BROUGHT IT! Excited to see them having continued success in a fickle world where fans are far too critical of the music. I think the song “special” is a great reminder for all the keyboard vigilantes that are quick to criticize because they fail to see all of the time, heart and energy that goes into the creation of music and tours. I have been and I will remain very impressed by the band. #Shinedown


If you had listened to Shinedown this whole album tells a story. It is something new they are trying and is sound very good. I am so tired of people gettind upset when a band changes here and there. Then there are the people who get upset if a band keeps the same sound. If you are a real fan you will embrace the band even if you don't like all their songs.


Shinedown has always been a favorite of mine simply because the singer has such a powerful voice that isn't duplicated anywhere. Great band. Happy to see them releasing new music.


For all the people calling themselves fans and giving this album a one star...are you sure you guys are fans cause it seems you guys are just haters 🤷‍♀️ just sayin.


I cannot believe the music on this album. Totally disappointed in shinedown selection of music on this album. ATTENTION ATTENTION!!!!! Well this gets nobodies attention.


I used to love this bands natural energy. This is another bleached out computer album. No life, no environment to it. :-(


What’s with the complaints about this not being as heavy of rock as their past music? I’ve listened to a bunch of their stuff and this album is just as heavy—and in some cases heavier—than all of the Shinedown music I’ve heard. Even if it wasn’t, you people should know good rock when you here it.


All of the songs are good.


A little heaviness on a few songs that made them big. Overall, still popish on most tracks.


These Guys Rock 100% I have 4 of their CD’s I am A Fan, this Album isn’t so Bad, Thanks Guy’s keep up the Awesome Singing And Playing.


Seriously love this album. Can listen start to finish over and over . Love devil when I’m lifting weights !!!


Sounds too rappy for me and just not what I am used to with Shinedown. The old music of theirs is so much better


To anyone who says “ this isn’t Shinedown” and all that garage. Go ahead and leave! Seriously if you want a band who will keep making the same thing over and over again then be my guest. Just don’t get butthurt when a band wants to create something new.


Attention attention is a great album start to finish. I love how they evolve with every album- no two albums sound the same! LOVE that! Top tracks: Creatures,Black Soul, and Monsters.


This sounds like mostly filler tracks you skip in decent unfortunately that’s almost the whole album.


This album has its issues, there’s no doubt about it. Attention attention and kill your conscience were very weak points for me but I dig the vibe of the album. But where it truly got me was with Get Up because I hated that song on first play through. I couldn’t believe they’d waste time on that piece of crap Pop and viewed alone, it’s not a fun listen for a band such as this. But pair that with special like I believe was the intention and you have an absolutely debilitating piece of beautiful music. Not quite sure how they struck the chord like they did or managed to write these songs so perfect, but if you’ve ever felt the way both songs are, it will absolutely destroy and rebuild your soul because it’s an absolute shock to the system.


I am always taken aback by how people want more and more of the same. While I will agree this album is more "radio" friendly like the last one, its still good. It's not my favorite sound, but I bought it and still listen to it. I hope the entire industry makes a 180 back to more raw sounding music instead of production.