Sara Bareilles - Amidst the Chaos

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Powerful album. Different than her others but I saw her perform these songs live and it gave me chills. She continues to amaze me.


If there was anyone who was ever destined to both play piano and sing simultaneously, it's Sara Bareilles.

SaraB Junkie

Love this album


I am new to Sara Bareilles’ work — beside the mega hits. I was astonished to discover the depth of her talent here, not just her singing but the music of her songs and stunning lyrics. My instant reaction was that Sara Bareilles rivals Annie Lennox as an artist — a commanding vocal presence, and lyrics that uproot your heart. I cannot stop playing this album. Its songs haunt me: each one is my favorite song when it comes on. This is not just music. It is a marvelous statement of human compassion. Awesome is a word that truly describes it. Judging from many of the other reviews here, listeners wanted a party album. Instead we have one of the greatest albums ever, on par with Carole King’s Tapestry, or Annie’s Diva.


Sweet melodies. A highlight of this woman’s career. Well deserved Grammy. And that’s my saint honesty speaking!


I am so confused about these reviews. It seems many are so quick to forget that artists are the storytellers; the true recorders of history. It’s hard to deny, especially now, that this is a momentously chaotic time in human history. And wow, this album tells her story, and it is beautifully and painfully relatable. She fell in love (“Miss Simone” / “Fire” / ), achieved numerous life and career goals, saw women rise up together and say #TimesUp (“Armor”), bore witness to unthinkable human rights atrocities (“Safe Place to Land”), and did it all with a hope that we continue to reach for our fellow humans in love and peace (“Orpheus”), which is and has always been what she stands for. Also, thanks to her, I now know Emily King, too. “If I Can’t Have You” is so much fun, not to mention the classic broken-hearted Sara songs like “Poetry By Dead Men” and “No Such Thing”. I’ll admit, I don’t get “Eyes on You”, but come on, she finally broke the power ballad purgatory of “Gravity” with “Saint Honesty”, which put the album over the top for me. I’ve been a fan since 2004’s Careful Confessions, and my opinion is that she has only gotten better as she continues to challenge herself with each new project. This is another top notch album from one of the most exceptional singers, songwriters, and storytellers I have been lucky enough to know. Can’t wait to see what’s next. ❤️☮️

JScott addicted

As you read the reviews of this album you'll notice that most folks either loved or hated it. The reason is that she drastically departs from her previous style and writes an album for herself. This leaves those of us that fell in love with her positive vibe and style wondering what happened to her. What happened is she's made the mistake of abandoning her audience for her self-interests far too soon in her career. This is the kind of move that should only be made after a well established career, when you can afford to piss of your fans and lose album sales for a year or so. I think it's too soon for Sara. She's forgotten that a pop artists' job is to entertain her fans, not herself. That kind of thinking is what killed jazz in the 50's. Groups began playing for themselves instead of for the dancers that had been filling their halls. Sure, some listeners will like this kind of reflective soul-searching music. But not enough to keep her in the public's thoughts for long. I understand an artist wanting to 'grow' but should they at the expense of their careers? The old Sara was a brilliant writer and her arrangements were top notch. Always a joy to listen to. There is no joy amidst the chaos.


Pretty great


I genuinely do not care what the motivation was behind these songs. I don’t care if it was political, not political...doesn’t matter. I have loved everything Sara has ever put out and was SO excited for a new album. But this doesn’t even sound like her. It doesn’t tug at my heart. It doesn’t make me get lost in the melody. Absolutely falls flat for me, and I hate that truth.


Every new album of Sara's becomes the anthem of my life for that year! Amidst the Chaos is no different. These are the songs I always find myself singing as I go about my day. Sara never fails to strike a deep emotional chord with the most vivid lyrics and gorgeous instrumentation. And that is why she is my favorite artist.


At first listen, I was disappointed esp since I love Sara but I stayed w the album continually playing it in my car, listening to the lyrics and getting hooked on the musicality. I feel most of the album tempo is similar but its an album you would put on when you have a fire blazing, candles flickering and wine in hand to just listen and chill. Fav song is Wicked Love.


Sara Bareilles is absolutely brilliant.

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All that needs to be said!


This album is good. A little soul searching and some mild twinges of anguish for sure. Love everything she writes, sings and plays...looking forward to Houston Nov 11th concert!!


I absolutely adore her voice and her ability to convey specific emotions depending on which song she sings. A beautiful woman with a beautiful soul as well. Fantastic album 🙏

Morgan the pirate



I adore this album. Every time I listen to it I love it more. The songs make me cry and make me want to scream and rage. This album was completely worth the wait.


Sara’s work is always exquisite and I’ve been a proud fan for a long time💕


Just terrible


The songs were full of good lyrics and fine melodies. I especially enjoyed the duet between John Legend and Sara.

Juke Box Junkie

Misleading They show us the whole album and I Purchased the album but then three songs are not available in the US. So we get charged as if we get the whole album. Not worth it. Very disappointed. Not the artist fault but iTunes


I love her music and this album does not disappoint. I don’t buy much music anymore but there are some people like Sara I have to own.

miguel el pingüino

So so so proud of Sara and this new album. "Armor" in particular has a powerful message that is especially important to hear during an era where women are constantly being devalued-- I really like unapologetic she is. "Wicked Love" is catchy and fun while "Saint Honetsy" is moving and beautiful. "Orpheus" is slower and calmer, and contains the lyric that gives this album its title. It took me a few listens to really enjoy this album, but just like all of Sara's music, it really does speak to me. Excellent work, as always, Sara!


I love Sara’s work, but this isn’t the best of it. I feel like there was a mixing problem, as her voice (and soul) aren’t at the center of much of this album. The bass and percussion seem to overwhelm what is usually an attention-grabbing, soul shaking voice. I don’t regret buying it, but it definitely won’t be played as much as Sara’s other work.


All politics aside the album isn't nearly as pop as her others (a positive), and you can't deny her voice.


This album is the “I’m feeling all the feels” kind of work and as a sentimental person I love it and I think Sarah has always characterized her work with that. If you want some cheerful bubblegum business this is not it and I think whoever that wasn’t happy with it is because they wanted that 🤷🏻‍♀️


I agree with the tired of singers/musicians/actors spouting their political views because they have the “entertainers platform.” Once I read her premise behind the album/songs of this album - it became her political battle cry and I tapped out. No denying your voice is epically beautiful just wish you would stick to singing for all - not a political party.

Meg K S

She never fails. Touching, personal and lovely


This is by far my favorite album by her. Maybe it’s because this is exactly what I need right now. I find myself listening to it throughout the day. Truly amazing.

Yogi Syd

This is such a dissappointment. There is too much of an influence of T Bone Burnett. Sara should have trusted her own voice on this and less of his. The songs lack her signature piano sound and are just boring. There is no bounce or energy in thess songs. The best song on here is Wicked Love. Saint Hionesty is just a snorefest of a song. This is by far the worst record she has put out in her career. One can only hope she gives it more thought on the next one.


Sara Bareilles is my favorite artist, and I usually love all her music. Unfortunately, only a couple songs on this album spoke to me. I'm glad other folks are really enjoying this music, though.

Yank Down Under

I can't get this time back. Fail.


I’ve been a fan of Sara for years and converted most of my girlfriends and sisters to her lyrical genius. Her music is what I often think the soundtrack to my life sounds like. My favorite of the Album so far is “Orpheus” (listen to it on repeat and have a good cry) and “Miss Simone” (what can be more romantic than a dance in the moonlight listening to a song about MISS NINA SIMONE herself). I’ll buy her albums till she stops making them.

Mato M

Great for people who already like Sara’s music. Introspective lyrics, lush melodies. Good if you like the sound of previous albums as it doesn’t sound much different. Honestly, I’m tiring of the dual-Sara-voice harmony as she uses it too frequently in her music. No real breakthrough though.


Sara Bareilles is a very talented artist with a beautiful voice. I've enjoyed her music for years and she was absolutely amazing as Mary Magdalene. However, I just cannot appreciate this album once reading about her political inspirations. I realize artists pull from within and she is entitled to her views. I just wish artists would realize that they risk alienating roughly half the population and wish they would humble themselves to the possibility that they might not actually be coming from the "moral" high ground. A large portion of interpreting and appreciating modern art is allowing the viewer/listener to interact with the art, developing their own understanding. Once an artist explicitly conveys their intention, they prevent the audience from interacting. I've listened to most of the songs on this album but only purchased Fire, as I can relate it to a personal relationship.


Love the songs and the message. Really enjoying this music!


Armor is my new favorite song. I loved this album!

Ellie Diaz

I love this album so much - every single song! Sara is an amazing song writer and it comes across on every track. Thank you, Sara, for spilling your soul across this album.




I have followed and been a true fan of Sara since she appeared on the circuit. I have almost every album she's made but this one will not be on my shelf. The songs are so jagged and dark that it left me unhappy and disappointed. The only song I truly liked on this album was Fire because it was the style of music I was accustomed to hear in her other albums. Sorry, but this didn't fire me up or get me excited about this album. I hope that she if this album was therapy for her that she will get back to writing about the joy in her heart and soul she has given her fans in her earlier albums.


I love my NorCal girl with the most gorgeous voice since Karen Carpenter!

Cam Byrnes

A dark and gloomy album with twelve songs that sound about the same. Her voice never soars, the piano never shines and the band is a mush. Played it over and over and finally gave up. Really disappointed.


I've always loved Sara and her music always seems to speak to my soul and my time of life. Definitely recommend Armor, Orpheus, Miss Simon, and Someone Who Love Me! :)


We know you’re mad that she wrote about the border, but that reflects really poorly on you


Please pay no attention to either the trolls or bots or Trumpetters. This is NOT a political album. Just because she was inspired by the current situstion doesn't make it a protest album. The closest you come to that is in Saint Honesty and A Safe Place to Land - and both are far from specific. Its a fantastic written and preformed. If you loved her music before I don't see why you wouldn't love this one.


A modern day Carol King. Can’t wait to see her on tour. Poetry to gifted melodies. Gravity is still my fav but there are several on this album that will be favorites soon. Keep writing! Brillant!


“Be the hand of a hopeful stranger, little scared but just strong enough.” That song has such a powerful message and one that I can relate to. I have needed that hopeful stranger this past year, and now am working on being the hopeful stranger. These are beautiful songs!

Aaron C.

Contrary to what many people may be saying, the album as a whole is not all about her political stance. But you’d know that if you listened to it rather than just taking what you’ve read online at face value.


Politics aside, this is beautiful album. Sara, I had become a fan of yours since JCSS. I only regret that I had missed so much of your beautiful music and poetry; not to mention, your beautiful voice. You are a true artist and a TREASURE!!

the jester of hearts

Sorry Sara you ruined your career doing this.