Cody Carnes - All He Says I Am (feat. Kari Jobe)

℗ 2011 Cody Carnes Music

All He Says I Am (feat. Kari Jobe) - Single Tracklist:


I loved this song from the first time I heard it live by Gateway Worship. Totally geeked to find this studio version of what is one of my favorite anthems of faith.

Alaskan in Texas

This song takes you on a journey. From soft contemplation to triumphant declaration, it helps you think about who we are in Christ and, more importantly, His plaintive plea for us to believe Him when he says He loves us and wants the best for us. If you are plagued by self doubts or self accusations, prayerfully listen to this song. Then sing along. Take in its message. It will be a portal through which the Holy Spirit will move to destroy those lies and replace them with the Truth of His Word.


Amazing song filled with deep poetic truth.


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! This song! Cody is so talented! The lyrics are absolutely beautiful!


I listen to this song, along with a few others, during my quiet time with God and I love it! Thank you Cody for sharing your music with the rest of us!


It's incredible to have such a beautiful way to remind one's soul of the truth of what we are.


Had an opportunity to hear this live during a Kari Jobe concert; definite highlight of the night. Awesome performance!!


He is a blessed singer with God's Word and Spirit. The song is awesome and moving.


I'm sure I have heard this song before at Gateway at some point, but today it really spoke to me and stirred my heart. after I finished working in children's at the end of last service, went to our bookstore and they didn't have it on a CD. :( but heard from someone at Gateway that it's on iTunes! going to download it now. have to say that I find it really amazing and awesome that I am part of a church whose worship leaders have music sold on here and are known the world over for their music and love for Jesus!! Danielle


God is using Cody in amazing ways. I love this song!!!


Ahhhhh-mazing! has been on repeat since I downloaded it. My 8 year old daughter is walking around singing it!! Our favorite new worship song!!!! :)


I love Cody's voice. The lyrics are simple, rememberable, and packed with truth! Well done... I can't wait for some more!


Atta boy Cody!!!!! still my favorite song from camp!!!!

Ryan Huff

Been going to Seven at Gateway for a while now and heard this song performed by Cody, and loved it! Powerful song. Keep up the good work bud!


I love it! I thank God for the gift that He has given you and that you are sharing it...


Fantastic worship song!!!

Barbara-Ann Chaudoin

I've been looking forward to getting this single ever since I heard Cody sing it a few weeks ago! His voice is so raw on this track! Chains are broken! Love the message in this song! Is on repeat in my car! I am loved! I am new again! I am free!


Awesome Cody!!!! It's amazing to hear your stuff on here! I'm soo glad that you are doing soo well! Great Job my friend!!!


Love it.


I heard this song when Cody and Kari came to Tuscaloosa in February and I have been so excited for its release. Great song! Buy it and tell your friends to buy it too!

Destiny Worship Center ROCKS!

I was blessed to be able to hear this song live at a concert and it gave me chills! What an amazing artist and song! I look forward to hearing more from Cody!


What an Awesome Song!!! I Love it!!


An intimate song. Not just words in a song, but scripture in a message. DOWNLOAD NOW.

Jen Weiss

My new favorite song!!

Paul Trimble

This song is amazing!!!

Tim oron

Awesome song!


Cody is a fresh and upcoming artist whose talent extends way beyond his amazing vocal abilities! His passion for the Lord is evident in his song writing as well as living out his faith daily! Keep your eyes and ears open because you are certain to see and hear more of Cody Carnes! So proud of you!


Cody is refreshing, his heart really shines through!

The Jesusfreak

LOVE HIS FACIAL HAIR. It is so manly. His singing is pretty stellar as well ;D So is Kari's ^_^


One of the best songs I've bought in a long time! Such a blessing!

Ryan loves Christ

I have been looking forward to this song ever since I first heard it! It'll be on loop for the next few weeks for sure


Awesome song!

JBoles Fort Worth

Cody, Kari, you both have done it again and this is pure greatness! Rock on Cody. We all have come to expect nothing but awesomeness from you. God bless.


Cody Carnes Wraps truth into music and lyrics that can transform lives!

Jaymes Downer

Amazing song declaring identity! Orphan chains falling off!! God continues to use Cody Carnes through amazing music. Awesome anthem!


BEST SONG EVER!!!! Buy and be blessed!!!!!!


Such an encouraging song! I love that God is using you Cody to remind us that we "are ALL He says we are!" The driving beat gives makes me just yearn to seek after God; to run after God with all the strength I have, and then be reminded of Philippians 3:14; where His strength carries me in the way that I can't carry myself.


This song is a great reminder to not forget who He says we are.


I love this song! & You're voice Cody! I'm a HUGE fan!


AWESOME SAUCE nuff' said