Alice In Chains - Greatest Hits

℗ 1990, 1992, 1993, 1995 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Greatest Hits Tracklist:


Purest form of grunge


They should've added Nutshell but still a great album.


Great album!BeastmodeUFC


This is amazing


The only reason I gave it a three is because it is missing a TON of their really good songs. Definitely for the casual fan or somebody who wants a taste of AiC. Get the real albums and listen to them all. Wouldn't it have been nice to add A Little Bitter...see Last Action Hero soundtrack...amongst all the others from Facelift (Man in the Box isn't even the best song on there). To you newbies, download FACELIFT first then go from there.

Warhead '45

I would classify Alice In Chains as heavy metal but the music is still theirs. If iTunes wants to put them as alternative it's their decision. I honestly think it's heavy metal. Well, the music is amazing and I recommend it if you're new to this band. It's a steal!

Nook be

Dude is dead

Samantha Scarlette

YES YES YES YES!! There are so many awesome songs on this cd!

Da Cow 2.7

Described in the title “Greatest Hits.” Not to be confused with “Best Of” Alice in Chains which this collection is certainly not.


This is a great album for new fans of Alice in Chains, but for people that know and love all of their original content you should buy the "Essential Alice in chains". You get more songs and for a great price.


Love Alice in Chains! I miss that angelic voice, gone wait to soon! RIP Layne!


I remember my dad listening to Man In The Box daily, I was jamming to Man In The Box, Them Bones and Would? In my car, I miss Seattle, you were right next to me, Spokane.

Roman Kotas

As someone who isn't a true grunge fan, I find that this band is just what i've been looking for. they immortalize that seattle angst more than any other band i've heard, plus I can live with the fact that not all of their best material is on this album, as I said, I'm just sampling.


Thank you AIC, for your music


But 3 things must be said first: 1. These are only some of AiC hits. You can make a second one with their other songs on it, and it would? be just as good. 2. The person who said Layne Staley is ripping off Bush's lead singer is an idiot. I haven't heard most of Bush's work, so I don't know about that just yet. But I can say AiC are still better! 3. iTunes doesn't show Jar of Flies on here. I wonder why? But I know how to get it! Read my review on the Essential Alice In Chains album. That'll solve the equation. Overall, AiC is a very great band, and you should check all of their work. I recommend it!


Alice in chains is one of the best Bands I know.if you want to here all songs just buy the album on phone iPod great music


I love this album from start to finish but seriously WHERE IS DOWN IN A HOLE!!!?? I can't see how Alice in Chains can have a greatest hits mix without it. If your new to AiC get this album and download the Down in a Hole single.


where is jar of flies? How could they not have it on itunes?

Revv y0

I agree with this list 100%. They took their top ten best songs and made an album. I think this a better purchase via disc, for collectors of cds. If you want the bare essentials of aic, get this. If you just got into AiC, get the album "Dirt" and pick up Man In the Box. If you like the majority of the songs, get "facelift".

a blogger

I'm a big fan of alice in chains, so this album just doesn't cut it for someone like me, but if you like stuff like "Man in the Box", "Would?", and "Rooster", then you should get into looking at other AiC albums, specifically "Dirt", "Facelift", and "Jar of Flies".


what happened to... Down in a Hole, Nutshell, Got Me Wrong... shall I keep going? Guess these never made it to the hit list, but this album could've easily been over 14 tracks - 10 tracks seems light-weight for this AWESOME band!!! If you want all the greatness try: Best of the Box!

Gresham johanson

My favorite song


Gotta love AIC

Deez nut5

I cant find the song anywhere

Dylan Kirk

Love there harmony. Almost hypnotizes you.

tkd midgit

I agree with pretty much all the songs. Heaven Beside You, No Excuses, I Stay Away, and Angry Chair are all my personal favorites.


honest... i have yet to find a song of theirs that i haven't listened too and instantly loved... you can feel the raw emotion in every song they write.. they are an amazing band... and it's hard to find rock bands these days that vary their range of chords and notes quite like AIC does.. so much of the bands today go mainstream and use the same repetive power chords over and over... my hats off to Alice In Chains ... they are one of my favorite bands!.. R.I.P Layne and Mike


Considering I have most of these songs anyways it would be redundant to buy it. Great song choices though

Sarah Auwarter

where is Down In A Hole?

Christian alan

This greatest hits album by alice in chains is probably my most favorite album. There is not one song on this album that i don't absolutely love. It was worth every penny to buy!


ok I like all of these songs but the best Alice in chains songs are the ones that weren't as popular. I was glad that they put angry chair on there. songs like rain when I die or down in a hole should be in there

whitey 407

great album but it needs like 10 more songs on it


One of my favorite songs ever. In my opinion the best AIC song


this cd has great songs but i give it one star because nothing safe-thebest of the box is the same $ but has 5 more great songs. Why would you buy this, i don't even understand why it was released!?! Buy Nothing Safe, you will thank me!

Meeeee =p

how is the singer of alice in chains a rip off of bush's singer, alice in chains formed FOUR YEARS before bush


The boxer is on the cover because the album is greatest "hits"


ok everyone seems to like this band i mean hell i guess their good but to be honest all there songs sound the same to me im not even joking i have literally thousands upon thousands of songs that i listen to and i just dont get what is so good about alice in chains the rhythm is the same in each song for gods sake.


terrible track selection. buy the albums invidividually, or don't buy them at all.


Hey Turtletron, Alice in Chains was before the dumb Gavin guy from Busch (i have to put a c in)....and alice is way better


Turtletron wth? Gavin Rossdale has NOTHING on Layne Staley! 1. Don't disrespect the dead RIP Layne 2. Bush and AIC are different bush is poopy grungey 90s crap and AIC is heavier grungey music Bush and AIC can't be compared it's like comparing linkin park and mudvayne


The singer of Alice in Chains is a rip off of the singer of Bush! I wish I could give 0 stars


a good selection of hits from AIC. the one thing i dont get though is wuts with the boxer album cover?


And here you have all their greatest hits... every song on this album is a masterpiece. RIP Layne... keep it up Jerry


Alice in Chains just released a new single, but I feel that these would? be better to buy. 1. Man in the box- The most famous song from their first album Facelift. It has great vocals, moderate drumming, Good Guitar, and Great Rhythm. 18/20 2. Them Bones- Very Harmonized Vocals, Good beating drums, and an above average guitar solo for only 0:20 about. 17/20 3. Rooster-Probably Alice in Chains second most famed song. It doesn't have a good beat, and not too fancy on guitar, but grungy. Vocals are I pretty descent. 15/20 4. Angry Chair- If you hear of the band Alice in Chains people wouldn't normally think of Angry Chair. Thus it is my favorite song by them for it's wonderful drum beat, harminozed vocals, and a funky style of guitaring. 20/20 for me, but I would?n't recommend it to the casual AIC fanatic 5. Would?- The most famed song from Dirt, it is the song that people like the most. Nice bass, great chorus. The verses are just a little strange... 17/20 6. No Excuses- Great vocals for this song, good drum beat, but the guitar isn't as good as it should be. It's an if if you want to buy this one. 15/20 7. I Stay Away- Some people may like this, but I was never a fan of this one. It's melody is just horrible. I don't care for the beat either. 9/20 8. Grind- Pretty good verses, not chorus. Good guitar, except in the beginning it just gives me a headache. 13/20 I wouldn't recommend this to the average AIC fan 9. Heaven Beside You- Good Chorus, but that's basically it. I regret buying it because it's 5:29 of boring stuff. By the way I think this song should be explicit for saying the F word 3 times. 7/20 10. Again- Great Guitar Riffs, Nice Harmony, Great Drums. 18/20 Overall: This album's best songs for me would? be: Would?, Man in the Box, Again, and Angry Chair Overall: This album's best song for the casual Alice in Chains fan would? be: Would?, Man in the Box, Rooster, and No Excuses I'd rate this album a 17/20= 85%

Young Head-Banger

Alice in Chains was probably the best band to come from Seattle. The bnd was orginally formed as "ALice In Chainz" in 1987. The band tried thrash metal, but it didn't work. So they created the album "Facelift" in 1990. I say they kicked of the decade with their hit "Man in the Box". Then in 1992, the made it huge with the album "Dirt". The album was arguably their best album because it included their biggest hit, "Rooster". They then created "Jar of Files which included the hit "No Excuses". Singer Layne Staley died in 2002 due to substance abuse and the band was never the same.


This has all of their best songs r.i.p. layne


Layne Staley was an amazing vocalist. His voice was so haunting, yet still melodic. I'm so sad that's he's gone. My faves are Would? and Rooster. I hope iTunes gets the clean version of Man In the Box. One more thing: I think it would've been cool if AIC did a cover of (don't freak, just listen) Paint It Black by Rolling Stones. That song is kinda creepy in a good way, just like AIC. BTW, AIC is NOT grunge.


Not everyone wants to fill up a lot space on their I pod with a 60 song anthology. You also have to consider that not everyone has 120 gb Ipod. Also the bar on the bottom of screen that shows you how much space is on the Ipod. I had an I pod touch that was 8gb. It only room for a 1,000 songs.


all thats missing is nutshell. I had stopped paying attention to the music scene and these guys had to replace STP to open for KISS and I was thoroughly suprized and blow away by their performance of course this turned to disapiontment because that was the last i would ever see of them its a shame the artists of today cant keep their act together after making some money they all seem to split up or die what a waste


The only song this compilation has that Nothing Safe doesn't is "Heaven Beside You", which was awful.