Alice In Chains - Jar of Flies

℗ 1993 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Jar of Flies Tracklist:

Trust and Us



Reminds me of my brother, who’s no longer here. Takes me back to being a kid, young and free in high school. Great album


Do yourself a favor buy the album.




Dogstar is better. Not as depressing.


This record to me is by far my all time favorite Alice In Chains record. Sap was rad but Jar of Flies in Alice In Chains at their very best!


How could you top Dirt? Well, Jar of Flies. Good artists master their own style of music and great artists can go outside the box and create great music even if it’s not their style. Going from the full on assault of Dirt to the acoustic sounds of Jar of Flies is definitely different, but better. Listening to Alice In Chains is like reading a book. Know the history of the band and you’ll understand the music. I suggest listening to Dirt and then listening to Jar of Flies. I could do without the Whale and Wasp and Swing on This but the rest is just unbelievable music by an already unbelievable band.

Pats Radio

A remarkable achievement. Easily IMO Alice In Chains’ best piece of work and in the conversation as best album “EP” of the 90’s. Yes, it’s that great. It’s superb top to bottom. Nutshell says it all. Brilliant.


This is hands down the best Rock album of the 1990’s. Probably top 5 rock albums of all time. Stayley and Cantrell’s harmonies were made for the haunting acoustic sounds of this album. It’s amazing AIC can invoke such dark themes with such a beautiful sound. I love Nirvana, STP, Pearl Jam, Janes Addiction, The Flys, etc., but this album puts its peers to shame.


This should be in the conversation of being one of if not the greatest album of all time!!!!!!

Perry Velasquez

F*****G Awesome

Biddle bo

The biggest complaint is it is too short. It takes you on a ride that you just don't want to get off!!

Lana KLD

Ugly truth and pain made into something so beautiful..


My favorite album from Alice in Chains, there other albums are just as awesome like Dirt, and Unplugged was amazing. Favorite song from this album is Rotten Apple. Love this tune.

Malitia storm

This EP is amazing from start to finish.

Rambo i23

A perfect EP. Breathtaking and Layne's and Jerry's vocals overlap perfectly to create a ghostly harmonic sound. Might I mention Jerry manages to combine acoustic and electric guitars into the most epic of songs.

Dickona Horse

AIC is literally the meaning of grunge, but with a sound of their own. This album shows both the dark and light side of their style of music to "Rotten Apple" to "Swing on This" and they even dabbled with a slight touch of country with "Don't Follow" while still keeping it grunge. This album in my opinion is their best work. A definite buy for any Alice In Chains freaks or people just getting to know this style of music.


The best musicians and creative artists to come out of the grunge era. Too bad they were overshadowed by the sloppy Nirvana. This stuff stands the test of time way more than the garage sound of their contemporaries.

Kade The Gay Blade

Couple this with Mother Love Bone's "Shine" and you have the two best EP's of the 90's

The ice-cream scooper

An array of songs that have surely made me tear up more than once. The extreme musicianship and talent of this band shows through this lineup like no other, in my opinion. One of my favorites and certainly one of the most influential an album has been on my life.


Great voice rip To a true legend . They are still going making great music .


One of the most amazing singers I have ever been graced with listening to.. I have been listening since day 1.. Give or take.. AIC has been nothing but an inspiration, he died way to young. Love the band, been a fan since the early 90's before they released Jar Of Flies.. Still a fan to this day, I praise Jerry Cantrel for keeping it going but cannot listen to it without Layne sorry.. Love the band regardless .. Rain When I Die is still my favorite song.. Then Nutshell.. I have cherished many artists but Layne holds a special place in my heart. Drugs or not, this man was amazing. Ozzy, Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Haliford , you name them, this man is up there with these great men..


Unbelievably powerful album. I still can't believe this was written and recorded in only a week, which speaks to the talent of each member of the band. Nutshell and I Stay Away are so great and so well performed.

Ryan L123

This has to be one of the greatest EPs of all time! Certainly one of the best albums of the 90s.


To me Alice will always be the quintessential grunge band of the 90's. Layne and Jerry's vocals in unison are hunting, and their slow songs are as equally thrilling as their faster heavier ones. This EP in particular contains 4 of my favorite AIC's songs, the aforementioned, the superhit "No Excuses", the trippy "I stay away", and "Nutshell", which everytime I hear it, specially in the Unplugged album, it makes my eyes teary, and makes me think of Layne, and the pain he had to be under during those years. Jerry's guitar playing is amazing, I mean the whole band is so tight and play so well. I love all of Layne era AIC albums, but it always comes down to this ep with me, the first time I heard them, and made me a fan to this day.

the kid zoe

Alice in Chains have always been one of those bands who really get deep and dark into your heart. They really show the sorrow. This is the best album for that!!!!!!!! You can just really feel this album!


Every song on this is great nutshell is very sad imo but its a pretty good song


Every track on this album is solid. Definitely my favorite AIC.


This is my favorite album of all time. Here's a review of every song on the album. 1. Rotten Apple - An epic and dark opener. 10/10 2. Nutshell - A fan favorite, and one of mine too. 10/10 3. I Stay Away - This song is the epitome of amazing. 10/10 4. No Excuses - The only "hit" off of the album, but that doesn't take away it's awesomeness. 10/10 5. Whale & Wasp - A beautiful instrumental with a lot of depth. 10/10 6. Don't Follow - Hands down the best song on the album. 10/10 7. Swing on This - Surprisingly the weakest song on the album, but is still awesome. 9/10

Ultra Damon

The soundtrack to my youth a great album, paired with Sap, 90s grunge at its best!