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POWER UP Tracklist:


Rock fans expect A LOT from AC/DC because we’ve been spoiled rotten by their consistently stellar musical output. Most bands can’t even make ONE great album. AC/DC struck gold, song after song, year after year for DECADES. That’s why they are legends. This new release isn’t their best by a long shot; it’s not their worst either. What’s inspiring is that these guys...despite death, health crisis, and the creeping hands of time trying to hold them back, they REFUSE to back down or give up on the glorious power of rock n roll. I’m cranking “Wild Reputation” and “No Man’s Land” loudly as I do other AC/DC classics. Why? Cause there are moments on this album that are UNDENIABLE: Moments where I instantly roll the windows down and step on the gas because the boys are DELIVERING: hypnotizing guitar riffs, a bulldozing, relentless beat, and clever, cheeky lyrics. The best thing about 2020 for America? Some new killer AC/DC songs worth blasting to kickstart the party. ‘Nuff said....

App inspecting rock

It doesn’t matter how old they are, AC/DC will forever be the kings of hard rock.


Best to ever do it

Toxic Adrian

AC/DC is back with the lineup we all wanted. This album delivers.

Sky I Scrape

At Metacritic, which assigns a normalisedrating out of 100 to reviews from professional publications, the release received an averagescore of 79, based on 18 reviews, indicating "Generally favourable reviews".

The Blood Taker

This is another instant classic, at 70+ years old these guy are still doing it better than anyone about there. This is just pure, real deal, bang your head, scream your lungs out hard rock!!!! Woooooooooooo!!!!!!


AC/DC is still raw and pure and back better than their last couple albums


Amazing and Awesome album from a timeless band that will live on as legends in rock n roll forever

sammie 71

Great album, of course, but how in the hell does Brian Johnson still have those pipes after all these years? A normal man would sound more like Bob Dylan by now!

Roth Baby!

Through the mists if time is FANTASTIC 5 STARS


Thanks,AC/DC, for bringing some light in this dark time, and for staying true to your roots! This album is amazing!

Gate 498

Thank you boys!!! Awesome album, even my tinnitus is jamming out to this! To those who gave 1 star. SOD OFF!!!


For me evry song is AC/DC excellent... after so much bad formula driven contemporary popular music... if I'm going to go with a formula, it's when a classic band gives me excellent music. AC/DC delivered here for me. I am so pleased... playing this nonstop... My soul is rock and roll.


This is a fantastic album. Just what we needed in 2020. I love AC/DC! Keeping rock music alive!

Ray Olah

Best rock band ever puts out another great album.

BandMate USA

The last 5 albums all sound the same. I mean the good stuff like Highway to Hell, Flick of the Switch, Powerage, Back in Black, High Voltage had songs that were all different sounding, not predictable. They had energy to them, aggressive energy. This sounds like Thunderstruck for 2 hours or the “Well let’s just stick to what we’ve been doing guys” syndrome. After all, we’re AC/DC, they’ll buy it and we’ll keep rolling in the money. Honestly it sounds like the Black Ice album, oh wait it sounds like Rock or Bust! Nah, I love the band, but I just can’t bring myself to buy it. Nothing iconic and new here to listen to that I’ll wanna keep playing day after day. It’s all the same same formula from the album before the album before etc.. you get my point. Yeah times change, but at this point, just retire. Don’t be a movie with 10 sequels.

Rock Famer's

AC/DC IS THE ROCK and They salute to Everyone who Rock and THIS New CD IS THE ROCK AN ROLL!!!!🎸

I fudged

The boys sure made Malcolm proud with this album.


This album is exactly what the doctor ordered I look forward to seeing them in concert asap!

Shyloh Johnson

After so many years they’re still putting out such great music!!


Trash. Rehashed melodies that sound exactly like their older stuff. Nothing new, nothing edgy, nothing I could listen to more than once.


Huge, down-to-earth fan here. Back in Black is a five star album, so Power Up would be a 2 star album, at best. AC/DC has been stuck repeating the title of the song over and over again within a lot of songs since Flick of the Switch. Power Up songs have a lot of that going on in them. It would be great if they had a producer to hop in there and show them the light since this formula is worn out. Shot in the Dark and Code Red are my standouts.


Classic AC/DC!! This has been my go to album for my commute. Definitely gets the steering wheel drums going. These guys have put out another dose of fantastic rock n’ roll.


Amazing album love it


Arguably this album is the best AC/DC has come out with in years. Obviously it all comes down to personal opinion. Personally I have always been more of a fan of the Bon Scott era of the band, Bon was a real lyricist. But there have been a few good albums Brian has fronted. After years of not having AC/DC it’s just nice to have them back. On this album there are quite a few good songs and it’s obvious the band put a lot of effort into coming out with album fans will enjoy. Yes it breaks no new ground but cmon man it’s AC/DC and they came out with a really fun album in a year that has sucked so much. Thanks guys for the album and for giving the fans something to think about and listen to that isn’t about the pandemic

Mantle 536

Really awesome to see them deliver an album as great as anything they have ever done really love it great job AC/DC 🤘🔥

Listento the beat!



It's so great to hear new Rock music from AC/DC!! Cool songs, I only wish there was a tour to look forward to. Prayers for 2021....

Real World 20

It goes without saying that after Malcolm Young passed away, that was the end of AC/DC. He IS AC/DC's sound and this album besides Shot In The Dark is not worth buying. You have two types of people when rating music the purist who analyze it thoroughly and then the people who like it because it is a favorite band they listen to regardless of how it sounds. I'll stick to the older stuff.


Rejection, realize, shot in the dark, witch’s spell are all fire, and sounds like classic AC/DC hits


Malcolm would be proud. I can’t stop listening......


missing malcolm


A great way to just chill and enjoy some simple rock and roll as is the exact point why most people listen to AC/DC. Old dogs can still pound out the tunes! Thanks boys!

Wanted Alive or Alive

You know it’s a banger when it’s AC/DC, a lot of the songs have the same vibe, the same good vibe, and if you came here and gave this a one star review, then somethings wrong with you, these men are in their 70s playing like they did in the 70s, when all it was was the classics, name a song by AC/DC, it’ll always have the same vibe. You can make anything if you’re AC/DC, and no matter what, it’ll always be good, this is what we need, I like some music from today, but I don’t want to hear the n word in every song, music needs to come back to this, where we could just party all day, and note, I didn’t live in the 80s, but we all know it was wild, parties, mosh pits, etc. If you like 1 song, you’ll like every song


just a great band. glad to hear brian sounding the same. unbelievable for there age.


Nothing left to say but just awesome!!


The boys are back always been a fan🔥🔥🔥🔥🎸🎸🎸🎸


A new AC/DC that is awesome from start to finish. 65 years old and been rocking AC/DC most of them...


There is something very comforting about certain things, that we can routinely count on: Nat King Cold on Christmas, The Beach Boys on a beautiful California beach in the summer, and now AC/DC shows up, with their voyage down, in a time in history, that is anything but certain. Poser Up is full of familiar three chord tracks, that get beat to hell by Phil Rudd’s drumming Chris Evans bass playing, all the while Angus Young’s guitar, slices and dices, through song after song. ,while Brian Johnson’s gravely voice, fashions a perfect compliment to his band mates Members, well into the 70’s, are a welcome sound to a rock scene that has scene it's best days behind it. Long live AC/DC! Cheers to you fellas!

Dee Bee Cooper

Thanks boys - It's just what I needed in 2020.


Great to see the world’s best rock and roll band reformed and ready to rock. Power up to 11!


Never goes out of style !!!


Through the mists of time. RIP Malcolm, Long live AC/DC

Amanda Lochmann

Wow I never expected AC/DC to come back or recover after the Rock Or Bust tour and Axl Rose butchering every song he sang. Each song on this album is s pure masterpiece and a true tribute to Malcom Young and would even make Bon smile shedding a tear. I think AC/DC will end with Angus and Brian. There can be no band without em


As a massive AC/DC fan, not even expecting another album from these guys, I am blown away.


I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome this was! AC/DC delivers their classic style with even a bit more “musicality” than most of their past works! Some people are complaining about similar sounds to past albums, but if they didn’t have that familiar AC/DC sound, people would be crying about how much they’ve changed or that “they’ve lost it”... this is iconic Angus and Co and exactly what we needed for this trainwreck of a year called 2020! Cheers to AC/DC and THANK YOU!!


It’s been said of AC/DC you know what you’re going to get. That is true of this album. It’s like a comfortable pair of worn in jeans or shoes. It fits right where you need it. This album is full of good tunes and a fun rock feeling. Glad they have kept the fire going.

Maybe 4

Gawd I love this band!