Silverstein - A Shipwreck In the Sand

℗ 2009 Victory Records

A Shipwreck In the Sand Tracklist:


Imma just say the only reason I put one star because I’m that type of person

The ghost inside

How come there are not more people with awesome reviews for this band?!?! I am a metalcore, hardcore death metal fan and this band is one of the best out there

Benny Benny Benny benny Benny

Listen to the whole album though.


I recieved this album as a gift from my girlfriend. I wasn't too into Silverstein but as soon as I listened to the entire album through I was amazed. It told a story through out the songs. The End is simply epic. The most perfect way to end the album by far. Do me a favor and buy this album before you listen to a single song. It is ment to be played through from beginning to end. LB+TD=<3


One of the best if not the best cd they have released. Every song has such powerful and meaningful lyrics a definite buy!!!!