Silverstein - A Shipwreck In the Sand (Bonus Track Version)

℗ 2009 Victory Records

A Shipwreck In the Sand (Bonus Track Version) Tracklist:

dish pup



First time listening to them and I'm having trouble seeing which of there albums to buy first... I plan to buy em all but they all so good...

Jacob Judge

By far my favorite album, from my favorite band! The story is just so intense, with its mix of hard angry and betrayed feelings in songs such as "American Dream" or "A Great Fire", the depressed and lost of hope feeling in that of "The End" (best song on here imo) and "A Hero Loses Everyday", and the simple yet deep rhythmic tunes of "Their lips Sink Ships" or "The Tide Raises Every Ship". Definitely worth the purchase!!!


this album is epic definitely silversteins best album to date every song is awesome and the covers are great


My personal favorite concept album, and one of my favorite albums. Ever. It just speaks to me! If I had to reccomend individual tracks, I'd Pick A Great Fire, Vices, American Dream, I Am The Arsonist, You're All I Have, and The End. But every song is fantastic.


As a huge fan of Silverstein, they're in my top 5 bands for sure, I wasn't impressed with this album at first. After forcing myself to give it another shot months later, I couldn't stop listening to it! "Vices" is by far my favorite song on here, mainly because of the lyrics, as well as "Broken Stars" and "American Dream." I love the fact that they're maturing as a band without losing the edge they've started with. Get it :)


silverstein is one of the few bands that has actually gotten better over time. i highly recommend this


I loveee this band soo much, this album just show how fudging amazing their music is... I loveee you guys!