Silverstein - A Beautiful Place To Drown

℗ 2020 UNFD

A Beautiful Place To Drown Tracklist:


This album has some of the when broken is easily fixed vibes along with a bunch of new and progressive melodies. I've been a silverstein fan since their debut album and have always thorolughly enjoyed every album that they have ever put out. Sure the sound changes over time, but just like them I'm not the same highschool sophomore that i was when i first heard them. I've seen them perform live multiple times and they have killed it everytime. I cant wait till concerts are a thing again just so i can listen to the songs on this album live.


Easy, fast, upbeat full album listen.


Is this the same band...? 😑


For all you people complaining , if Silverstein stays the EXACT same sound ,you would be screaming , “same old boring sound. Music has always changed threw the years. People grow up and experience a lot and place it in music. Remember the band “Brand New?” They completely changed sound in a matter of a few years . If you don’t like then don’t listen. This band from beginning to end has been aces


Awesome album, literally every song is amazing. Listen to it over and over. Great collaborations too.


I didn’t know how I felt at first, but I definitely don’t feel like Silverstein sold out. They’re keeping the old sound, but also reaching out to a new audience. I think it was a good call on their part


I am now oficially a fan of Silverstein! They were always missing a complete album and I think this is it. They are great live and I can't wait to hear these songs performed. If you need something new and refreshing, but with some classic 2000's vibe, this is it. I am enjoying every minute of this album!


As far as evolving into a slightly different sound they absolutely nailed it. I was never a huge Silverstein fan but always respected and enjoyed some of their stuff. This album makes me want to see them live. People complaining it doesn’t sound like their old stuff I’m sorry that you live in the past. All those who gave one stars can’t even describe what exactly they don’t like other than their ridiculous longing for a sound/style that’s not even much different from this. Listen and judge for yourself. Story of the Year changed their sound in the last album ‘Wolves’ with astounding success and this reminds me a lot of that. This is one of the few albums I can listen to from start to finish and I can honestly say there is not one bad song. The production on this album is amazing.


I'm new to Silverstein. Bought "Dead Reflection" a month ago, and liked it okay. I feel I'm constantly on the search of something fresh, melodic, and heavy. This new album hit me at the right time and place. Looks like old Silverstein fans aren't into this album, but from a new-comer, it's amazing. The hooks, the melodies, and the aggresiveness create a perfect blend of rock and passion. The sax solo on "All on Me" blew me away with its beauty and perfect sonic infusion. Wow! Congratulations to the Silverstein guys for this gem of an album.


I honestly can’t believe I’m writing this but I tried hard and I just can’t get into this record, their pop tunes were always my least favorite and just seemed like filler. They tried to make a whole album full of pop music and unfortunately after 20 years it’s their worst record to date. No weight to the lyrics, riffs and instrumentals are basic as hell, they’ve done and can do better than this. I’ve been a fan since Shipwreck and I never thought I’d say this but this is a bad Silverstein album, I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end.


Silverstein is definitely in my top 5 favorite bands of all times, ive seen them in concert and own every single album. This is the only album they have ever created that I think isnt that great. Tracks 1-5 are not hard but do sound like silverstien, tracks 6,7,8 absolute train wreck...... the nicest way I can put this, if i wanted to listen to toilet water garbage pop id cut the radio on...... track 9-12 got a little better but just way to soft. If they screamed more it would be so much betterrrrrrrr but unfortunately they didnt. Cant believe they are getting 3 stars from me but sadly its true. I do like beartooth vocalist part on track 2, if they made the entire album like that it would be amazing. Hopefully they will make at least one more good album before they stop making music.


It’s different from there older albums but that’s not really a bad thing. People tend to complain a lot about bands trying new things but honestly I feel like it’s necessary to stay relevant in this day and age.


Hate how everyone thinks music has to evolve into pop these dats in order to sell and album, should have stuck with the original sound! I’ll have to pass on this one, hopefully the next album will bring the true sound back to us!!!

Nicholas Dom

Silverstein is my favorite band. Ive seen them multiple times and they control my playlists for the past 11 years. What I loved so much about them is that I could always count on them to not ruin the sound they have. After “I am alive in everything I touch” I was certain they’d continue releasing the best post-hardcore music in the genre until it was their time to stop. After listening to this, i’m scared their exploration has taken a step away from their sound. I think the success of “the afterglow” has a lot of inspiration of why they’ve gone more generic and poppy. They reached a new and different audience that just want to hear a bop. There are other ways the change your sound without changing genres. Try some more guitar solos, try some double bass, do more acoustics which everyone seems to loves. Do not leave us and go pop. You controlled this genre and have for 20 years. Go play “your sword vs my daggar” and then a song off this album live and then see what your real fans want to hear. This album is okay, probably their least impressive material. Its the first one I wont be able to listen to cover to cover...

I will be the end of you

I get they are trying to change their style but they needed to work closer with a more well known producer to achieve this change in sound. Having a bunch of special guests doesn’t do it. I love when bands change their sound but this straight missed the mark.


Is there a way to reclassify this as pop instead of rock? Where do I begin.. terrible sound cloud rapper collabs, auto tune, repetitive songs, SAXOPHONE! This is definitely not discovering the waterfront. I feel betrayed because this sounds nothing like the band I have been listening to for nearly 20 years. They have clearly lost their way. It must finally be time for me to walk away from Silverstein. A sad downfall for what was once my favorite band. If I could get my money back I would ask.


Twenty years in and Silverstein are still pumping out the jams. A Beautiful Place to Drown is another great record while showing a band who refuses to rest of their laurels. There’s classic Silverstein all over this thing, yet there’s a few curveballs but nothing misses the mark. Shane Told has upped his game in here too with possibly his. Best vocal performance to date. Here’s to 20 more years for these Canucks.


So stoked on this record! Brilliant! Their work ethic is unmatched! So happy for these guys


Sometimes I wish bands like Green Dayhad never existed. Then maybe very. single. rock. singer. wouldn't sound like them now...


Love the new album! Keep up the good work!

FFL! Mang

This album is amazing, totally different sound for this band. So many different sounds and songs, there’s something for everyone. Infinite may be their best song ever, other greats are burn it down, where are you, all on me, stop. But the whole thing is great. Will definitely be going to the show now.


Unfortunately doesn’t have the Silverstein sound we have all come to love :(


In my opinion this is their most “pop” like album (a lot of repetition). It’s not bad, but it’s very different than Dead Reflection and the other more creative sounding albums. Again, not bad, just nowhere near their best albums.


I love it all. Mixture of old and new.


Need to hear more before I make honest judgment on album. Have not been impressed with singles released off album so far. It’s Silverstein though they usually always put out good music.


Think they might have finally lost their touch.


I was never a huge fan of Silverstein, but man that might all change after this album. All these tracks are great. They should definitely stick with the producer of this album.


2 amazing singles out so far, bound to be a great album. We will see when its out!


This band is very under appreciated and I’m glad they stay can still sound so great.


I have loved this band since the 7th grade; I’m now 29 . I’m so glad it’s still just as good as it was then (the music). It’s hard to find good rock these days, I missed the guys so. Makes me feel younger again !


I’ve been a fan since the beginning. They never disappoint keep it up and come back to the Norva in Norfolk VA soon please!!!