Silverstein - 18 Candles: The Early Years


18 Candles: The Early Years Tracklist:


This album is by far their best one of all!! Went to go see them in concert yesterday, they never fail to please. Silverstein for life <3


So Silverstein is my favorite band, and I've yet to find ONE friggin' song I dislike in any way. This is a great CD. It's deep, and it does not disappoint. Silverstein is the real deal, they throw thereself into a river of music, make some songs, and come out with a golden CD(I know this is a compilation of older CDs and EPs). Of all the CDs I own, this is definitely my favorite. This is simply perfection. Shane's lyrics are powerful and moving, and his gorgeous voice is the icing on his glorious cake. Josh and Neil can shred up the guitars. Billy can kick out that bass, and Paul can wail on the drums. You guys are so talented, smart, and truly gifted. Best band ever. You'll always be my best friends, you have conversations with me about everyday of my life, without directly talking to me. Silverstein is great, just great. 5 stars is not enough to describe them.